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Alternative Cures For

Hello and welcome to my website which is dedicated to bring you alternate cures for all ailments that plague us in this modern world. The reason I say in the “modern world” is the fact that the toxins we breathe in and ingest through our food have increased dramatically cancer sufferer’s rates as well as asthma and a whole host of other conditions.

 Modern World

Alternative Cures For

I have been considering building a website to address this problem for some time now and only just recently I have acquired the skills to construct such a website. So bear with me if this site is not the best in the world, however I will strive to give you best cures I know of and give you access and guidance where to purchase them from if you cannot make the cure yourself.

 Toxins We Breathe

Alternative Cures For

So before we go any further I want to address the reason why our health seems to be a lot poorer now than it has ever been. The causes or wide spread from the way we live our life and the habits we have picked up to the jobs we do to earn a living. Also the air we breath is full of pollutants that can harm us.

150 Years Ago 95% Did Manual Work

Alternative Cures For

Let’s go back 150 years when 95% of the population used to work on the land as a way to feed the family, this in itself had major health benefits because of all the exercise we got just doing our daily tasks. These days a huge proportion of jobs involve sitting down for many hours at a time and then jumping on some sort of transport to get home. Once we are home we sit in front of the TV then go to bed.

No Exercise + Bad Diet + Toxins  = “Dis-Ease”

Alternative Cures For

Another major cause of ill health is the food we eat with all the E numbers and colourants as well as the vast amounts of salt, fat and sugar in them. Plus the way it is prepared and preservatives added to make the shelve life longer.

Don’t Eat GMO Foods

Alternative Cures For

 Then you have Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods which are completely unnatural, these types of foods have been changed to make the resistant to pest in the wild. But these pests have been around for millions of years and all part of the delicate balance of nature and should not be tampered with.

 Stress Is Another Major Factor

Alternative Cures For

Another major cause of ill health is all the stress we have in our lives in the modern society. These can be caused by financial worries from all the debt we are all in thanks to the way this world is run. Also stress from relationships as the family unit is not what it used to be many years ago.

Our Energy Fields Are Distorted

All these stresses and the other factors mentioned above help to distort the feeling of well-being and cause the energies in and around our bodies to be in a state of “Dis-Ease” instead of “At-Ease” and as the name suggests these “Dis-Ease states cause disease in the physical body.

 Invisible Radiation Fields

Alternative Cures For

One of the most unseen problems of the modern age is all the interference to our energies and feelings of well-being are the invisible radiation from mobile devices, the internet and electrical appliances. We just don’t realise the effects they have until you get away from them all.

 Get Relief When You Can

Alternative Cures For

I like to get away as much as I can which is not very often I must admit, but when I do get away from it all in the mountains or in a forest I feel my spirits and feeling lift as our energies that surround us all get back into synch and our bodies respond like wise.

 Stop Worrying We Can Cure All Of This

Alternative Cures For

Now it’s not all doom and gloom because the cures for all these ailments and stresses are out there in nature’s bounty just waiting to be used to cure all the disease on this planet. Another part of the cure is prevention so you will have to modify the habits and behaviour you have come acquired to in this modern society.

 Read My Posts For The Cures

Well that’s my first page written in my brand new website for alternative cures for all the ailments we suffer from today. Please browse my up and coming posts on the actual remedies and places you can get them from to cure you and your family. Thanks for reading and be at peace and get back to feeling good with life.


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19 thoughts on “Alternative Cures For, Everything Get Them Now”

  1. Very nice site. I know it’s new and you are just building. I was wondering if you could cover a couple of topics for me? I have RA which some days are totally miserable. Is there anything you can suggest that might help with the pain? I mean besides from the exercise etc. Also, can you look into restless leg syndrome and see if there are any alternative remedies for that as well? I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

    1. Hi Eden

      After receiving this message from you I have decided to make my second posting on the cures for Arthritis, it will be available in a few hours.



  2. Hi there ! I had to comment, and say I can tell you are loving your site to the top! I compliment you on this move. I felt this instant connection to your content as you are writing about things that happen as we speak, most of us don’t’ know just how polluted this planet is. So glad you are loving your site ! Keep up the good work,

    1. Hi Mary I am so glad you like my site, keep watching please as more content will follow. Thanks Alan

  3. This is going to be a very useful site, I can tell. I am having trouble seeing it all on my iPhone. Next time I will use my computer. For arthritis, I added turmeric and ginger to my diet and after 2 months the pain was mostly gone. I’ve tried a lot of different things. I guess different things work for different people. I have been able to discontinue all the ibuprofen I was forced to take daily, because no more pain. 🙂

    1. Hi Judy

      That’s great news with your arthritis, glad you can stop taking the ibuprofen. Glad you liked the site.



  4. Alan, great site and an excellent topic. We need to get back to basics and stop our (d)evolution and reliance upon labour saving gimmicks. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi

      I totally agree with your comment, we need to look to the old knowledge and gain wisdom from that.



  5. Great site with good information. Keep up the good content and thanks for the follow on twitter and Google +
    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place to be –so much training and support. We will only fail if we choose to.


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