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Hello I just created this page to tell you a little about myself and who and where I come from.  My name is Alan and I come from the UK and I have had a varied career from construction to direct sale to internet marketing.

The last skill I have acquired which is learning how to create websites and how to do it the right way has led me to creating this website which is a passion of mine. That passion is helping others in any way I can.

Website Skill Acquired


In my internet business I educate people on how to make a living online and leave the rat race and have more time for the real things in life like family, friends and enjoying this wonderful planet we live on.

 Enjoy Life More

enjoy life


This knowledge I received from this guy here who taught me all I needed to know, this knowledge has given me the confidence to produce this website and get the message out there that cures are available for everything.

Cure The Disease Not The Symptom


No longer do you have to rely on drug companies to help you with symptoms, you can now cure the problems so you never suffer the symptoms again.

Cure Cancer

cure cancer

I cannot tell you how excited I am at getting this knowledge over to you; especially to the people you are suffering from cancer. I know first-hand about the loss and devastation caused by this terrible illness. As I write this my eyes are welling up with tears for my late Father who suffered terribly with this condition.

Wish I Could Have Saved My Dad



If he was alive now and suffering from it I know I could cure him and it breaks my heart to think he died when the cure was out there but I just did not know the right method to use.

My Mission

my mission

So it’s my life’s mission now to create this website and cure as many people as possible of this horrible disease as well as all the others out there.

If you have any questions about cures or anything else please leave a comment here on my home page and I will answer you as quick as I can. Well I look forward to chatting with you. Regards Alan


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Alan, sorry to hear about your Dad! My Mom is a cancer survivor, so I know what it is like to have someone you love facing the disease. All the best with your website here, trust that you have much success!

    1. Hi David

      So nice to hear about your Mums survival, it warms my heart to hear that.



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