Alternative Cancer Cures, Find Them Here!


Alternative Cancer Cures

My first post on my website is the one that is closest to my heart on alternative cancer cures. On this post we are going to talk about one of many alternate cures out there. The one I am talking about is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Sodium Bicarbonate Cures Cancer

Alternative Cancer Cures

This method as first published and used by Italian Dr Tullio Simonini many years ago and he primarily used it intravenously (directly into the blood) which had amazing effects on sufferers where the cure was in contact with the internal working of the body where the blood reaches.

 Take It Orally & Bath In It

Alternative Cancer Cures

How ever since then this method of using sodium bicarbonate has moved on to easier methods of delivery to cure cancer. These include dissolving sodium bicarbonate and strong Magnesium into baths and heightening the sufferers PH level in their cells.

PH Levels

Alternative Cancer Cures

If you are not aware how the cancer works in real terms, basically the cancerous cells multiply and bring down the bodies PH level so that it is a non-toxic environment for them which is acidic and this is where they thrive and multiply.

 Cancer Thrives In Acidic Conditions

By bringing the PH level up to a point where the cell cannot multiply and beyond that to where they cannot survive and the cancer sufferer will start on the road to recovery. This method of treatment is very easy and cheap and can be administered all day long. Just keep the patient warm by topping up the water and this method can be used over a 10 day period.

Alternative Cancer Cures

Drinking Sodium Bicarbonate

Another extremely important part of this treatment is orally ingesting the sodium bicarbonate, these two methods with keep the PH level of the body higher. These levels can be kept at the optimum level by regularly doing a PH test using strips.

 Get PH Levels Up To 7.4

The PH level that cancer patients typically have is between 6.5-6.9 at the level the body is acidic which is where the cancer will grow and spread. The normal PH level should be between 7.2-7.4 at this level the cancer is not in an environment to survive.

Alternative Cancer Cures

Test PH Level With These Strips

The way we live today has huge factors on the PH level of our bodies as diets high in meat, fizzy drinks and grains all make our bodies acidic which is exactly the conditions needed for cancer to form. The more fruit and veg we eat the better as they normalise the PH level of the body.

Alternative Cancer Cures

 Do Your Own Research Online

After reading this you may be a little unsure if these fact are right in this article, if this is you please do your own research online and I am certain you will come to the same conclusion as me that this cure can and does work as an alternative cancer cure.

Alternative Cancer Cures

7 thoughts on “Alternative Cancer Cures, Find Them Here!”

  1. Interesting.
    I always knew the benefits of bicarb as an antacid, but I never took this idea to the next level. It has given me a new respect for this humble store-cupboard item.

    1. Hi Lesley

      You just never know what cures are in those cupboards or at the fruit and veg store.



  2. Last summer the doctor told me that I had cancer. I used Sodium Bicarbonate as a natural treatment instead of their drastic treatment. Guess what — I’m still alive!

    1. Hi Mark

      Great to hear this treatment worked for you, we need to get this information out to as many people as we can.



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