Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment, Here!

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment


Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment are now coming to light, these cures have nothing to do with modern medicine. One of the cures for skin cancer is Sodium Bicarbonate, learn here how to apply this simple method and bring about a cure.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment


Sodium Bicarbonate & Honey

If you are a regular reader to my website you will know that I am determined to get natural cures for cancer out there to the general public. One of the cancers I am dealing with here is the one that effect’s the skin.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Sun Is Really Good For You

Over the past 30 years we have been told repeatedly that the sun gives us skin cancer and that we must apply sun tan lotion in vast amounts to protect us from this. Studies have found now though that low exposure to the sun (15-20 min)is actually very beneficial to us and our skin.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Sun’s Healing Poperties

Have you ever noticed like I have when you have spots on your face and they get exposure to the sun’s rays they actually clear up. This is part proof of the suns healing properties. Also it has now been shown that sun tan lotions can actually cause cancer. See this article here which shows the studies that have made this conclusion

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Does Sun Tan Lotion Cause Cancer

We need vitamin D to protect us from cancers and the sun is the best method of getting this vitamin directly into our bodies where it is needed the most. I recommend only spending short periods of time in the sun 15-20 minutes at a time. If you have skin cancer now and you are going for surgery in the near future please bear in mind that it the cancer comes back all is not lost.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Bicarbonate Works

The method you can use in this case is sodium bicarbonate mixed with organic honey and applied directly to the cancer on your skin. If you research this claim independently you will see as I have that this method is effective in curing this disease.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Apply Directly To The Skin

One of the many testimonials can be found here This is the story of a sons battle to cure his mums skin cancer. After repeated surgery failed he convinced his mum to try this alternative treatment for skin cancer. Take a look at the pics below of the results after a few days.

 Dosage Per Day

The amount of sodium bicarbonate and honey that should be taken is one tea spoon of each; this should be mixed up into a paste and applied directly onto the skin cancer. You can apply this 3 times a day if you wish to maximise results.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Proof Speaks For Itself

In my humble opinion the proof speaks for itself when it comes to healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate. Here is a brief explanation on how it works. Sodium Bicarbonate works by helping the body to raise the PH levels. The reason this helps fight cancer is because cancerous growths need an acidic environment to thrive.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Cancers Die Off

By adding sodium bicarbonate to the body it will raise the alkaline levels and decrease the acidic levels. Once the body is in an alkaline state the cancerous cells cannot survive any more and die off.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Share This Knowledge

I take a tea spoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water daily to help keep my body in an alkaline state and keep any cancers at bay. This cure has been around for thousands of years but the knowledge has been lost over time. I and many more on the internet are trying to get this message out there so everyone can benefit from this cure. Please share this by using the buttons at the bottom of this page.


Well that is nearly all for this short posting on alternative skin cancer treatment, Hope you found it informative and I hope it cures you if you are unfortunate to be suffering from this cancer. Please leave a comment below if you like this posting or you have any questions. Regards Alan


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  1. Thanks for this information. It really scares me to think that people opt for invasive chemical treatments when there are natural alternatives. A natural remedy used in Africa is an extract of the Sausage Tree (Kigelia Africana).

    How would a person recognise skin cancer without having it analysed? Is it possible?

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