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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb, Look

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb


Are you looking to buy Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb but need a little more information on what it is and how it helps you? I will explain in plain terms exactly how this amazing Natural substance works.

 Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural by-product of a plant called a Diatoms and is commonly known as the “Grass of the Sea”. Diatoms make a silicon shell from the surrounding water or sedentary rocks, This is called a “Frustule”.


 Natural By Product

This frustule is 80-90% silicon and does not suffer from disease or viruses; this is the reason why it can last over huge time spans. The benefits from Diatomaceous Earth are due to it being inorganic so it cannot be absorbed by the blood stream.

 Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb


This is the reason why it is so good for you and acts as an internal cleanser. It can do this because it is negatively charged. This negative charge attracts positively charged substances like.


Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb

 Cleanses These

* Free Radicals
* Toxins
* Heavy Metals
* Parasites
* Bacteria
* Viruses
* Pesticides
* E-Coli
* Drug Residue

 Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

This effect it has on the body by cleansing it is what gives the Diatomaceous Earth its natural anti- inflammatory properties. This anti-inflammatory process helps with lots of conditions what you may be suffering from. One of the biggest is Arthritis which in my opinion should be treated with diatomaceous Earth.

 Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb


You may be asking where can I buy Diatomaceous Earth well some of the cheapest places I found was on Amazon right here

 Where Can I Buy Diatomaceous Earth

 Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 lb


Now you know where to get Diatomaceous Earth food grade 10 lb batches from I would highly recommend start using it straight away. In my modest opinion in seems to be one of the best natural cleaners and anti-inflammatory nature has to offer.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, See How Right Now

Herbs Lower Cholesterol


Herbs Lower Cholesterol and can be taken in the form of a supplement. This way you can lower cholesterol without medication and stop all the nasty side effects. The Method of lowering cholesterol with herbs has been around for a very long time. But only recently has this knowledge started to reach the main stream.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, lower cholesterol without medication

Good Cholesterol Needed

Before we go any further though let me explain a little about what cholesterol is and how it works in the body. Firstly let me say that without good cholesterol we would not be able to survive. The reason for this are stated below;


* Helps cell structure throughout the body.

* Bile acid that cholesterol produces For Digestion

* Helps the body produce Vitamin D

* Helps the body produce crucial hormones.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, lower cholesterol without medication

However bad cholesterol which is carried around the body in low density lipoprotien’s these are transported by the blood stream. High density lipoprotien’s carries all the good cholesterol around the body to perform the functions above.

 Bad Cholesterol Clogs Up Arteries 

This bad cholesterol can clog up the arteries and lead to heart disease and heart attacks. Also strokes and infertility and Alzheimer’s can be caused by a high cholesterol build up in the body. Natural ways to cut down on this are eating less egg yolks, meat and processed foods.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, lower cholesterol without medication

Other natural ways to lower cholesterol is to get regular exercise and keep your weight in a healthy range. However a big factor in high cholesterol can be genetics which are passed down from your parents. Also hormones related to your age play a factor.

 Genetics Can Be A major Factor

So if the main cause is genetics just changing your life style is not enough. At this point the doctor will prescribe you a statin but as we all know these drugs have some nasty side effect what you just don’t get from herbal remedies.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, lower cholesterol without medication

To lower cholesterol without medication is not always as easy as you may think because of the complexities of the different herbs that need to be used. With this in mind I have searched the internet and found a Doctor Sam Robbins.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, lower cholesterol without medication

Dr Sam Robbins

 Solution To The Problem

Dr Robbins found himself in the position that his Dad had high cholesterol that was genetically based and was not responsive to just leading a healthy life style. So he took it upon himself to create a supplement that contained all the herbs required to reduce cholesterol naturally.

Take a look at his video below where he tells his story.

If you have seen the video above you can see why I am recommending this method to lower cholesterol with herbs in the form of a supplement. It is proven that herbs lower cholesterol and Dr Sam Robbins testimonials from patients prove this method works.

Naturally lower your cholesterol with Choleslo from

 Below is an example of one of those testimonials.

Herbs Lower Cholesterol, lower cholesterol without medication


Well that’s about all from me today I hope I have convinced you that herbs lower cholesterol and you CAN lower cholesterol without medication. Please feel free to comment below and let me know the results of using this supplement. Thanks Alan


Naturally lower your cholesterol with Choleslo from

Bladder Cancer Survival Rate, Seen It Now

Bladder Cancer Survival Rate


The bladder cancer survival rate varies depending on the area and stage the bladder cancer is at. Generally speaking the earlier you catch the disease the better the chances of survival are.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

Modern Medicine Says Rates From 96%-5.5%

The range in survival rates varies from 96% to as low as 5.5% but at this point I have to tell you that these survival rates are solely based on conventional methods and do not take into account other alternative cancer treatments.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

 Survival Rates Based On Modern Medicine Only


* If the cancer is in situ (It has not spread) 96% survival rate

* If the cancer is localized to the general area 70% survival rate

* If the cancer has spread to a regional area 34% survival rate

* If the cancer is metastatic 5.5% survival rate

100% With This Alternative Cure 

Like I said above these are based solely on what modern medicine offers. I can tell you know that bladder cancer is 100% survivable with the method I shall teach you about shortly.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

 Dr Bob Beck Protocol

Let me tell you about the amazing gift that Dr Bob Beck left the world when he died a few years ago. This cure for all cancers is called after him the Bob Beck Protocol.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

This method of curing cancer involves using micro wattages attached to silver rods that attach to the wrist. These rods put oppositely charged micro particles into the blood stream that attack pathogens.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

 Kills Off Cancer For Good

The charged particles smother the bad microbes in the body and kill them off. Also this treatment has none of the toxic side effects of radiation or chemotherapy. It does not involve any surgery either.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

This can be done in your own home by yourself if you wish. Please read this testimonial here from someone that had this treatment for bladder cancer.

Video that was made by Dr Bob Beck about his invention.

More testimonials on the Bob Beck Protocol and how it saved people from dying of cancer. Read them here

Treatment Been Around For 30 Years

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

This treatment has been around for over 30 years but the knowledge is suppressed because it challenges the methods of the pharmaceutical companies who make billions of dollars a year out of treatments for cancer what hardly ever give a cure for life.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

Take a Look At The Device Below 

The picture below is of the deluxe unit that can be used to cure cancer and other ailments as well. Press on the image for more information.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

Now you know that bladder cancer survival rates can be 100% you no longer need to be living in fear from this disease. Please do your own research as well and don’t just take my word for it. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks Alan




Natural Cure for Aids, See The Proof Here

Natural Cure for Aids


Does a natural cure for Aids exist? Can alternative HIV treatment really work? Well put simply yes it does exist and the treatment really does work. Read on to find out how.

natural cure for aids

What Is HIV 

Before we go any further let me explain exactly what HIV and Aids are and how they affect the body. I need to explain this so you can see how this alternative aids treatment really works.

natural cure for aids

HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, this condition only effect humans and it works by making the immune system weaker. It does this by attacking the T-Cells and CD4 Cells and using them to multiply the HIV and then kill off the T-cells and CD4 cells.

 Attacks T- Cells & CD4 Cells

natural cure for aids

The T-Cells and CD4 cells are the components that make the immune system work to fight off disease. It is classed as a virus because they can only use cells of the person to reproduce. The final stage of the HIV infection is AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

natural cure for aidsDrugs Can Keep HIV Lower 

These days with pharmaceutical drugs the HIV can be kept to a level where it does not get to the final stage (Aids) However a combination of drugs have to be taken for life with any side effects being part of your life from there on.

 Can Die From Infections

The AIDS is known as a syndrome because it is a collection symptoms and effects of the HIV damage. Patients with AIDS can die from minor infections because the immune system is not working at all or is very weak. Aids can only be acquired and cannot be passed on genetically from mum to child.

natural cure for aids

Now you know how HIV and AIDS work, and the fact that you will have to take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be just amazing if an alternative cure for aids was available? Well it is available and it is called the Dr Bob Beck Protocol.

 Natural Cure For Aids

Dr Bob Beck first patented this method after he saw results from other scientists on the effects of micro-wattages on viruses in the body. He was a very inventive man and saw the potential of this as a treatment for AIDS and HIV.

natural cure for aids

He patented this method and designed his first device what he tested on himself and family members first. What he found was remarkable, it cured all sorts of illnesses and even helped in grow back some of his hair.

natural cure for aids

 Positive Results

After the first results came back he decided to take it to the next level and test his alternative cure for HIV on a sufferer. He heard of a friend of a friend that had full blown AIDS and was on his death bed. He tried this method out on him and it was a total success. This friend went on to live a happy HIV free life with no harmful medication to take for life either.

natural cure for aids

Take a look at this video, please watch the full length of it and you will see the proof I am talking about.

If you watched that video you will now have seen the proof from Dr Bob Beck for yourself. The actual method of this treatment in full can be found on this other post of mine


This video below shows the effects of the Bob Beck protocol on an AIDS sufferer’s blood. You can see how the immune system starts to recover.

These devices that can bring about a cure for AIDS and HIV can be found here they are not cheap, but given the fact that you will not need to pay for drugs for the rest of your life it works out as a very good deal in my eyes.

natural cure for aids

 Do Your Own Research 

Now you have heard this knowledge may be for the first time please do not just take my word for it. Please do your own research online especially on YouTube where testimonials can be found to back up Dr Bob Becks claims

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you get this natural cure for Aids and make it work for you. This alternative HIV Treatment really does work so please if you are suffering, take a further look online and make a decision if this is right for you. Thanks Alan

natural cure for aids

Natural Cure Cancer, cure cancer naturally

Natural Cure Cancer


A natural cure cancer is available now from methods that have been around for hundreds of years and all of these cure cancer naturally.  Some newer methods from Dr Bob Beck Protocol have been here since the 1980’s.

Cure Cancer Naturally

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

These natural cancer cures range from using Sodium Bicarbonate to just using a strict raw vegetable diet or juicing as it is called in these modern days. Other methods include a combination of other factors that bring about a natural cure.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

The Dr Bob Beck protocol involves a pulsing micro wattage device as well as consuming water with colloidal silver in it. This method can be accompanied by the Bill Henderson Protocol which has a nutritional approach that works hand in hand with the Bob Beck Treatment.

 natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

My Three Main Cures

Before we go into any more details of these cures I would like to explain more about how cancer forms in the first place. This is vital for anyone reading this that has not got cancer, the reason why is by just changing your everyday diet you can stop having cancer EVER!!

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Did you know that cancer can only form in a body that has an “Acidic” environment? On the opposite side of this is, have a body in an “Alkaline” state and cancer will never appear. Modern medicine will tell you another story but they only say this to bring fear into the equation.

 Doctor’s Have Got It Wrong

This way you are so fearful of cancer that you feel the “Doctors must be right” mmmm well I can tell you they are not. The biggest reason why doctors feel Chemotherapy is the only way is because this is what they are all taught in the medical schools what are paid for by the Pharmaceutical companies.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

It’s these pharmaceutical companies that make the trillions of dollars a year from the cancer treatments they prescribe. Also if you are doctor who speaks up for the alternative cures to cancer you will be branded a nut and struck off as a doctor. This has happened to many doctors in the past.

 Let Me Tell You The True Cures

So now you know some of the basic truths let’s look at some of the natural cancer cures what are available in more detail.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

I have three cures what in my opinion are the best to cure cancer naturally.


* Sodium Bicarbonate

* Dr Bob Beck Protocol

* Hemp Oil


Sodium Bicarbonate

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally


Firstly we shall talk about sodium bicarbonate, this cure works by simple getting the body from an “Acidic” environment into an “Alkaline” one. The reason for this as said before is cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline state. The way to administer the sodium bicarbonate is to dissolve a teas spoon of it into a warm glass of water and take 4 times a day.

On top of that you should use 100g of sodium bicarbonate in a hot bath and lay in it for as long as you can. All day if you can stand it, do this every day for a couple of weeks and you will see a big difference in the state of your cancer.

 Drink It & Bath In It

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Once you are cured of the cancer you want to keep your body in an alkaline state by cutting out all the junk food and fizzy drinks and eat white meat or no meat at all. Also you need lots of organic fresh fruit and green vegetables. This diet will keep you in a cancer free zone for life.

 natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Dr Bob Beck’s Protocol


Now to my favourite natural cure for cancer, this is the Bob Beck Protocol. This method is an excellent cure for cancer and Aids as well as all other ailments. It really is a wonder of the modern age of natural treatments.

What this method does uses micro wattages attached the silver rods that are attached to the wrist. What this does is send micro colloidal silver into the blood stream. This then attacks oppositely charged pathogens and harmful bacteria. They do this by smothering the pathogens and killing them.

 4 Stage Treatment

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

The second part of the protocol is to use a pulsing device what shakes all the stubborn pathogens out of the glands of the body. This exposes them to the colloidal silver which kills them too.

The third part is drinking ozonated water, this is done to counter act any flu like symptoms what are associate with the exit of so many toxins at once from the body.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

The forth part is to drink water what has had the colloidal silver rods in it. This help to keep you healthy and cancer free. I love this way to cure cancer naturally because the protocol can be followed to the letter. Here is the complete package what can be purchased online with all the instructions and help you will need to cure your cancer

 Hemp Oil

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally


The last natural cancer cure is done by using “Hemp Oil” this is done by getting the oil from the leaves from the cannabis plant. The drawback to this wonderful natural cure is that cannabis is illegal in most places. But if you can get hold of hemp oil that has been got by this method I highly recommend this treatment.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Watch this video below about a guy that is at the head of this claim. Watch all the testimonials from the people as well.

As you can see on the video a small vile of this hemp oil is enough to cure cancer in a three month period. Like I said before the only drawback is the governments of the world ridiculous laws. I might add it this point, do you think once again that a trillion dollar a year business could be put at risk because of one plant. This is the real reason cannabis is illegal.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Well that it for this post on “natural cure cancer” hope you enjoyed it and learnt some life changing knowledge that does cure cancer naturally. If you liked this post please leave me a comment below. Thanks Alan

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Natural Cures Brain Tumors, Cure You Now

Natural Cures Brain Tumors, Natural Cures Brain Cancer


In This Post I will discuss natural cures brain tumors and what the availability is of these treatments. Some are more costly than others but nothing compared to conventional medical treatment that does not even work anyway.

natural cures brain tumors

Natural Cures For Brain Tumors

Natural cures for brain cancer fall into three sections and all of these do not cause inflammation in the brain like other nutritional ones can cause. But before we go any further though I would like to point out that if you have any swelling on the brain or around the outside of your heads YOU SHOULD seek immediate medical attention.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

The reason being alternative medicine will not act quickly enough to get rid of the swelling. It is this swelling that can cause sudden death by pressing on parts of the brain that deal with your heart.

 Inflammation Needs To Go

Also alternative medicine needs to get rid of the inflammation before it can treat the cancer. The problem is it can take a while for this to take place. If you have no swelling or the doctor has got rid of the inflammation you can now precede with the natural cures for your cancer.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

Before I discus that I want to explain a little bit more about modern medicine and its approach to curing brain cancer. It is a proven fact that Chemotherapy hardly ever cures anyone of cancer. In the case of brain tumors surgeons are lucky to get a 1 in 1000 people to survive brain cancer.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

At best the patient gets an extra month to live but suffers terribly because of the treatment they are on. Off course this treatment cost a fortune as well. Now let’s deal with the alternative cures for brain cancer.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

First Cure – Cellect-Budwig Protocol +GB-4000 

This involves using electro-medicine which is frequency generators that are placed on the skull and transforms the cancer cells into normal cells. This has the advantage of not causing any inflammation because the cells are returned to the healthy state they were before the brain cancer started.

 natural cures brain tumors

This is the best method to fight the tumor but the price is around $5,000 which may be out of your price range. Here is a detailed article on these frequency generators

 Second Cure – Cellect-Budwig Protocol

The second cure is same as above but without the GB-4000 frequency generator, The Cellect-Budwig Protocol involves difference nutritional approaches that all attack the inflammation of the brain.

Don’t Attempt On Your Own

The method is very precise and should not be attempted on your own as an expert is needed to guide you through this. Thankfully this is available and his name is Mike Vrentas, he can be contacted directly on this email address

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

He will welcome the email and go through it over the phone with you. You can purchase CD’s off him that will help also.

 Third Cure – Bob Beck Protocol + Bill Henderson Protocol

The third cure is one is the Bob Beck Protocol which involves using electric pulsing device that enters the blood stream and attacks the cancerous cell and kills them. This protocol also involves drinking water that has colloidal silver in it that helps with this entire process.

 Natural Cures Brain Tumors

His device has been around now for quite a while and has stood the test of time. You can find more details on this page of how it works. The Bob Beck device can be found here on this website.

As well as this you will need to use Bill Henderson’s Protocol which can be found here in this book

 Cure Yourself Now

Please take your time and go over this material and links provided so you can decide which natural cure brain tumor is the best for you. In my opinion they are all far superior to conventional methods what put simply plainly just don’t workNatural cures for brain cancer are here and have been for a while, so please use them and cure that tumor now.



Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment, Here!

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment


Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment are now coming to light, these cures have nothing to do with modern medicine. One of the cures for skin cancer is Sodium Bicarbonate, learn here how to apply this simple method and bring about a cure.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment


Sodium Bicarbonate & Honey

If you are a regular reader to my website you will know that I am determined to get natural cures for cancer out there to the general public. One of the cancers I am dealing with here is the one that effect’s the skin.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Sun Is Really Good For You

Over the past 30 years we have been told repeatedly that the sun gives us skin cancer and that we must apply sun tan lotion in vast amounts to protect us from this. Studies have found now though that low exposure to the sun (15-20 min)is actually very beneficial to us and our skin.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Sun’s Healing Poperties

Have you ever noticed like I have when you have spots on your face and they get exposure to the sun’s rays they actually clear up. This is part proof of the suns healing properties. Also it has now been shown that sun tan lotions can actually cause cancer. See this article here which shows the studies that have made this conclusion

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Does Sun Tan Lotion Cause Cancer

We need vitamin D to protect us from cancers and the sun is the best method of getting this vitamin directly into our bodies where it is needed the most. I recommend only spending short periods of time in the sun 15-20 minutes at a time. If you have skin cancer now and you are going for surgery in the near future please bear in mind that it the cancer comes back all is not lost.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Bicarbonate Works

The method you can use in this case is sodium bicarbonate mixed with organic honey and applied directly to the cancer on your skin. If you research this claim independently you will see as I have that this method is effective in curing this disease.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Apply Directly To The Skin

One of the many testimonials can be found here This is the story of a sons battle to cure his mums skin cancer. After repeated surgery failed he convinced his mum to try this alternative treatment for skin cancer. Take a look at the pics below of the results after a few days.

 Dosage Per Day

The amount of sodium bicarbonate and honey that should be taken is one tea spoon of each; this should be mixed up into a paste and applied directly onto the skin cancer. You can apply this 3 times a day if you wish to maximise results.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Proof Speaks For Itself

In my humble opinion the proof speaks for itself when it comes to healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate. Here is a brief explanation on how it works. Sodium Bicarbonate works by helping the body to raise the PH levels. The reason this helps fight cancer is because cancerous growths need an acidic environment to thrive.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Cancers Die Off

By adding sodium bicarbonate to the body it will raise the alkaline levels and decrease the acidic levels. Once the body is in an alkaline state the cancerous cells cannot survive any more and die off.

Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

 Share This Knowledge

I take a tea spoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water daily to help keep my body in an alkaline state and keep any cancers at bay. This cure has been around for thousands of years but the knowledge has been lost over time. I and many more on the internet are trying to get this message out there so everyone can benefit from this cure. Please share this by using the buttons at the bottom of this page.


Well that is nearly all for this short posting on alternative skin cancer treatment, Hope you found it informative and I hope it cures you if you are unfortunate to be suffering from this cancer. Please leave a comment below if you like this posting or you have any questions. Regards Alan


Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment, Here!

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment


If you are looking for an alternative lung cancer treatment you have come to the right place. Here I will reveal the hidden cure for this devastating illness that has such a high mortality rate.

 Modern Medicine

If you are suffering from lung cancer now or have a loved one that is, you will no doubt be going through the treatments modern medicine prescribes like Chemotherapy. With this treatment come’s all the horrible side effects like sickness, tiredness and hair loss.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

Horrible Side Effects 

It is no surprise that your bodily reacts so violently to these treatments as they are toxic and are actually derived from poison gas what was used by the military. Modern medicine really does not know how to cure lung cancer at all.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

 Studies Show Survival Rate

The survival rate for this condition is as low as 10% for a full life cure; in fact studies have shown a better survival rate with no Chemotherapy at all. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying never go to the doctors. On the contrary they are good for getting the right diagnosis for what ever ailment you may have.

 Knowledge Has Been Lost

The problem start when they recommend these radiation treatments, this is because they do not know of any other treatment or they are not allowed to prescribe these alternative methods.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

 Alternate Cures Are Cheap

Alternative lung cancer treatments are very cheap to produce and up to this point the drugs companies have not found a way to patent and synthesize the elements in these cures so they can market them as the cures they have found.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

 Natural Cure

Now we have covered the reasons why the cure is not available let’s look at the actual cure for lung cancer and many other cancers and ailments. This cure is Hemp oil which has been used for thousands of years around the world.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

 Hemp Oil

This cure is simple to administer but more difficult to acquire due to the fact that it illegal in most parts of the world. Before we go any further please watch the video below and listen to the pioneer of this treatment also further down the page are snippets from people who have been cured by using Hemp oil.

If you watched the video to the end you can see the testimonials from the people which the Hemp oil has cured. This really touched me as my Father died of cancer before I knew of this cure and it made me determined to get this message out to as many people as possible.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

See Peoples Testimonials

If you are living in the US you can get cannabis legally in certain states what can be used to make hemp oil legally. If you don’t then I am not recommending doing something illegal but life is precious especially when it is a loved one. Here is a link to a website with lots of testimonials on it after Dr Henderson prescribed hemp oil for a alternate cure for cancer.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

If you think it may be impossible for you to find hemp oil as a cure for the cancer I also recommend using Dr Bob Becks Protocol. I talk about this method extensively in this post here. Please take a look and make your own mind up the direction you want to go in to find a cure. 

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

 Another Alternative Cure

I also recommend that you do not just take my word for it on these cures. Please do your own research just like I did before I started this website. What you will find I am sure is that these cures are real and they work.

Alternative Lung Cancer Treatment

 Do Your Own Research

In conclusion then if you was looking for an alternative lung cancer treatment you should have a better idea now what to do after reading this post. Please look at my other post on natural cures for cancer as you may want to try them as well. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you enjoyed this article. Regards Alan


Leukemia Survival Rate, Find Them Here!!

Leukemia Survival Rate


Leukemia is a devastating illness especially when it is one of your own children that is suffering. The Leukemia survival rate has gone up over the past few year. But before we give the actual rate we need to explain what these percentages mean.

leukemia survival rate

Survival Rates Have Risen

The survival rates are for children that have survived more than 5 years after first being diagnosed. Children can live longer with leukemia than 5 years and still not be cured.

However the survival rate is around 80% on this basis, if your child has chronic leukemia the rate is approx. between 60-80%. But before we go any further these leukemia survival rates are based on conventional medical treatments.

leukemia survival rate

Rates based On Conventional Treatments

These treatments are typically Chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, targeted drugs and radiation treatment. Survival rates for children under going alternative treatments can be higher with no side effects that are associated with conventional drugs.

leukemia survival rate

Side Effects

Please watch this video below and listen to this ladies story of her experience with these alternative treatments that saved her son.

leukemia survival rates

If you watched that video you can see the difference these treatments made and the disgusting way the Government treated her by forcing her child to carry on with treatments that was hurting him not curing him.

Leukemia Survival Rate

A Cure That Works

In the video she did not go into too much detail what the treatment was that cured her son’s leukemia. What she was referring to was Dr Bob Becks Protocol which he discovered in the 1970’s. He first tested these treatments on himself as well as relatives.

Leukemia Survival Rate

Success Stories

He also had a friend that was dying of Aids and he used the treatment on him and after extensive sessions he was free altogether of the virus. Please see the video below to hear this story.

leukemia survival rate

Methods Used To Cure

What this Bob Beck protocol involves is using colloidal silver attached to a magnetic pulsar. What this does is produces microscopic colloidal particles that go into the blood stream through the wrist area.

leukemia survival rate

No Side Effects

This treatment is painless and has many benefits apart from curing cancer. The colloidal silver in the bloodstream envelops and parasite, pathogen or unwanted bacteria. This process smothers the harmful invaders and kills them.

leukemia survival rate

Repeat Daily Treatments

The body then secretes these dead cells through sweat and natural bodily waste systems. This treatment should be repeated daily accompanied by further steps. These include using the colloidal silver in water to drink and help with this process.

leukemia survival rate

Equipment Needed

Ozonated water should be drunk as well to stop any sickness feelings as the dead parasites are flushed from the system. The systems to treat leukemia and any other cancer can be found on the internet or simply look at my menu at the top of this page and look for Bob Beck Cures.

Watch The Proof Here

This video below is Dr Bob Beck addressing a conference to reveal his findings in the 1970’s please take your time to watch it and see the claims I am making on this website can be backed up by lots and lots of evidence that is all over the internet.

Doctors prescribe chemotherapy because it is all they are taught at medical schools which are paid for by big pharmaceutical companies. This way the drugs companies make trillions of dollars a year by getting doctors to prescribe their so called cures.

leukemia survival rate

Drugs Companies Profits Before Health

I don’t blame doctors because they think they are doing the only treatment out there. But the truth is many cures exist for cancer that has nothing to do with poisoning the body with radiation and drugs.

leukemia survival rate

100% Survival Rate

So if you came to my website to find out the leukemia survival rate, well with these natural cures it can be 100%. Just stay positive and do your own research online on these topics I have mentioned and make an informed decision on the treatment you give your children. Hope you enjoyed this post, please comment on this subject below. Thanks, regards Alan


Home Remedies Colon Cancer,Find Them Now

Home Remedies Colon Cancer

Welcome to my latest post and the subject of this one is home remedies colon cancer. This condition is easily treated in the early stages but this cancer is much more difficult in later stages. The way to prevent the onset of this type of cancer is listed below as well as home remedies for colon cancer.
home remedies colon cancer


 If you are a regular reader of my post you will know that my Dad died of cancer last year and since then I have made it my life’s mission to get natural cures for cancer out to the public domain. Unfortunately for my Dad I did not have this knowledge then, so I want to stop the needless loses to cancer that so many of us suffer from.

home remedies colon cancer

 Cures Exist For All Cancers

Natural cures exist for every cancer that exists it is just the knowledge has been suppressed for reasons of profit by the pharmaceutical companies. However the news is spreading across the internet as more people are getting the message out to you all.


Colon cancer or if you prefer the medical name (Colorectal Cancer) is a growth called poylyps that are situated in the intestinal tract. Symptoms of this type of cancer are irregular bowel movement, unusual weight loss, comfortableness in the general area and bleeding from the rectal passage.

home remedies colon cancer

 Improve Diet

This type of cancer like many more can be prevented simply by having a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables and fibre as well as low in acidic foods and refined sugars. Also you should avoid processed food that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) this can be found in a huge range of supermarket foods as it’s a cheap preservative and sweetener.

 Ear Fresh Foods

HFCS is also linked to most of the ailments I cover in this website so please take my advice educate yourself and stop in taking food with HFCS in them. Always go for fresh food and learn organic white meat and cut down drastically on red meat.

home remedies colon cancer

 Natural Cures

If you are unfortunate enough to be reading this and suffering from colon cancer these following remedies can cure you especially if you are in the early stages. If you are in the more advanced stages please keep reading as I have the cure for that too as well as any other forms of cancer.


My first recommendation – is Turmeric which has a property in it called Curcumin. This is a spice from the Indian continent and is a powerful remedy for colon cancer.

home remedies colon cancer

Application – To use Turmeric you will need approx. a tea’s spoon worth in a glass of water. You then need to boil this and then use the extract what’s left after straining and consume this 2-4 times a day for 6 months.

 Apple Cider Vinegar

My second recommendation – is Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Honey and Aloe Vera. This can be used daily for the rest of your life as a cure for early stages of colon cancer and then as a preventative measure.

 home remedies colon cancer

Application – 2 cap fills of Apple Cider Vinegar with a tablespoon of honey and Aloe Vera mixed together and drank.

 Advanced Cancer Cures

If the condition is in the later stages of colorectal cancer (colon cancer), or any other cancers these two next remedies will work. I have covered these on two of my other post’s Alternative Cancer Cures and Breast Cancer Cures and Dr Bob Beck Protocol

home remedies colon cancer

Electric Pulsars To Cure Cancer

These methods involve a Dr Bob Beck Protocol who patented a method of killing all pathogens and bad bacteria by using low electric pulsars, Please visit my pages above for more details. The other method uses Sodium Bicarbonate by an Italian Doctor called Dr Tullio Simoncini.

home remedies colon cancer

 Sodium Bicarbonate Cure

The way the sodium bicarbonate works is by raising the blood PH levels from acidic into alkaline. The reason this method is successful at treating cancers is because cancerous growth need an acidic environment to be created and multiply in. So by making the body into a Alkaline state the cancers will die of and if you change the way you live by eating as advised earlier you will be in a natural state where cancers do nor grow no more.

home remedies colon cancer

 How It Works

If you think about this logically instead of the propaganda the drugs companies putt out to us all every day. It’s is simple the reason cancer has gone up so drastically (Percentage of Population) in the past 100 years is our diet. We consume huge amounts of toxins from GMO foods as well as all the refined sugars and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

 An Easy & Cheap Cure

All of these factors have made our bodies more acidic and a breeding ground for all types of cancers as well as many other ailments in this modern day and age. Also lack of exercise and pollution are other factors that do not help.

home remedies colon cancer

 Bath In It

So back to Sodium Bicarbonate and its ways to treat you, the best way to increase PH levels is to put a table spoon of this in a glass of warm water and mix well and take twice a day. Also if you have skin cancer you can apply directly to the skin. In fact the quickest method for raising PH levels is bathing in a hot bath for as long as you can with 100g of sodium bicarbonate mixed in. Do this treatment daily and for as long as you can.

 More Cancer Cures That Work

These methods really do work so if you are suffering from cancer please try them as they are extremely cheap as well. If you would like to use the Dr Bob Beck Protocol instead or as well I would highly recommend it as it has many other benefits beyond curing cancer.

 Cures More Than Just Cancer

home remedies colon cancer

The equipment is more expensive than just using sodium bicarbonate ($400) but once you have bought it you will not need anything else and everyone in your family can take advantage of this wonderful invention. Take a look here for more info on one of my other posts.


So in conclusion if you were looking for home remedies for colon cancer, you now have them and more thanks to the wonderful ground breaking doctors mentioned above. I hope you have enjoyed this posting, if you have please leave me a comment below or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading, regards Alan


Dementia Treatment, See My Treatments Here

Dementia Treatment

Are you looking for a dementia treatment ? Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s? My own mum suffers from this condition so I decided to find something that would help her.

Dementia Treatment

 I Started Re-seaching

I started my research online and soon started to come across stories of people either being cured or helped. I then went on YouTube and searched for cures for dementia and Alzheimer’s as well. What I discovered was coconut oil seemed to cure some people and help others reduce the effects from these conditions. dementia treatment

 Coconut Oil Cured?

At this point I wanted to learn exactly how these conditions come about and try to understand how coconut oil helps to relieve them. What I found was coconut oil helps to higher Ketones levels in the brain. Ketones are vital for proper brain functions and this is one of the most important factors in combating dementia and Alzheimer’s.   Another startling fact what I discovered was the link between people taking a statin to lower cholesterol levels and the amount of these people develops dementia and Alzheimer’s. The reason for this according to a study in the US in 2011 that realised that 25% of the cholesterol in the body is located in the brain.

dementia treatment

 Statin Drugs = Dementia?

As the brain is only 2% of the mass of the body it would appear the cholesterol is very important to proper brain functions. So by taking a statin drug you are interfering with normal brain function. In the US 25% of the population over forty five years old take a statin. With these figures it is not a surprise that dementia and Alzheimer’s are becoming so wide spread. dementia treatment

 Lower Cholesterol Naturally

With this knowledge it would certainly appear wise to eat healthy to stop cholesterol levels rising above normal levels so you will not be offered statin drugs to take. Once again in my opinion it looks like pharmaceutical profits are being put before our healths.   Another discovery I made while I was looking for a dementia treatment was Cinnamon which has two crucial parts in it called epicatechin and cinnamaldehyde. It appears Cinnamon is an excellent preventative measure against dementia and Alzheimer’s. dementia treatment

 Cinnamon Prevents Alzhiemer’s & Dementia

The reason Cinnamon can help prevent these conditions is because in the body we have a protein called Tau. This protein is crucial for healthy neuron activity in the brain, however tau can accumulate and when this happens these forms what are called neurofibrillary tangles. These are what are seen in the brains of dementia and Alzheimer’s suffers. dementia treatment Cinnamon prohibits this process and keeps the neurons healthy and keeps tau protein as it should be. On the basis of this knowledge I have discovered I would recommend using coconut oil as a dementia treatment, as well as a treating Alzheimer’s.

 Healthy Diet

If on the other hand you are not suffering from these conditions I would highly recommend a healthy diet to stop cholesterol from rising. Doing this will stop the need for you to take a statin drug which can increase the chances of you getting these conditions. dementia treatment Also I recommend taking cinnamon and making it a part of your weekly routine so it will help to keep tau proteins in a healthy state. dementia treatment

 I Treated My Mum

After I educated myself I decided to see if this coconut oil would help my mother with her Alzheimer’s. I started giving her two doses of warm water mixed with a table spoon of coconut oil per day. After around two weeks of this I did notice improvements in her. For instance she was no longer looking for my Dad who died last year. Also she was able to hold onto her train of thought better when having a conversation. dementia treatment

 She Improved & Didn’t Get Worse

She is not cured by any stretch of the imagination but she has defiantly improved and more importantly she is not getting any worse now. This not only a blessing for her but also my brother who looks after her 24 hours a day “bless him” dementia treatment

 Use Coconut Oil Everyday

In conclusion then as a dementia treatment and an Alzheimer’s treatment I would highly recommend trying coconut oil and see what happens. You have nothing to lose, plus coconut oil has many other proven advantages. Well that’s it for this short posting hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me a comment below if you did or if you have any questions on any of my posts. Regards Alan

Natural Hayfever Remedies, Get Them Now!

Natural Hayfever Remedies

I myself suffer from this allergy and it can be very distressing in the summer months, I will show you how natural hayfever remedies work and how to apply them. Just follow my simple instructions on how to stop the unnecessary suffering from this condition.

natural hayfever remedies

 Causes Of Hayfever 

This Allergy is caused by the presents of pollen from grass and plants, also dust and other pollutants just add to the intensity of an attack. My natural hayfever remedies will alleviate the following symptoms.


1) Runny Nose

2) Itchy eyes

3) Coughing

4) Sore throat

Antihistamines Needed 

natural hayfever remedies

All these are caused by the bodies reaction to pollen, the bodies thinks it is under attack and stimulate the immune system. This pollen causes an inflammatory reaction in the body, the best ways to fight this is by introducing antihistamines to combat this situation.

 My Favourite Cure

I have a whole host of  remedies to cure this condition,  but this method is my favourite. I have tested all of them on myself and had relief from them all, but this method for me works the best.


Firstly you will need to source a local producer of honey, the more local to you the better. The reason for this is that the honey will have small amounts of pollen it mix with the honey naturally.

I am not 100% sure on the mechanics on how this works but it seems to teach the body that this pollen is not a threat to the body. I start taking this twice a day about a week before my normal hayfever season starts (June for me).

natural hayfever remedies

Local Honey & Apple Cider Vineagar

You will also need a good supply of organic apple cider vinegar to mix with the local honey. The best way to do this is by boiling some water in the kettle, while this is boiling get a cup and fill a third of the way with cold water. Then add the hot water and a table spoon of the honey and 2 caps of the apple cider vinegar.

natural hayfever remedies

Take this twice a day and by the end of the week you will be ready for the start of the season when you are effected. Like I said before this really works well for me but you may be different. Listed below are some more natural remedies to help cure your allergies.

 Tea’s That Cure

These different types of teas are all have antihistamines properties, so please test them and see what works best for you.


1) Green tea – This one is one of the most powerful antihistamines.

2) Ginger tea – Mix this with honey and drink 3 times a day.

3) Chamomile tea – Another excellent remedy.

4) Peppermint tea – When you have this one please drink it when it has cooled for best results.

natural hayfever remedies

 Other remedies include the following.


1) Calendula mixed in water – This is a good solution when you are suffering from itchy eyes.

2) Omega-3 acids – I recommend this supplement for a whole host of benefits including not just hayfever. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and will help to alleviate symptoms.

3) Eucalyptus – Boil water and mix this with the eucalyptus and breath in the steam.

4) Indian gooseberries – Make the gooseberries into a pulp then place them in a sieve and extract the juice. Add honey once again and drink two times a day.


All of the methods mentioned in this article do work to relieve hayfever but in my experience it is trial and error to see which methods works for you. I do highly recommend using the method I do first though as this seems to work the best for a lot of people I know.

 Enjoy The Countryside Now

natural hayfever remedies

That’s it for this post hope you are now more aware of natural hayfever remedies, please leave comments below and let me know how you get on with theses cures. Thanks for reading my post, regards Alan

Natural Cure For A Migraine Get It Now!!

Natural Cure For a Migraine 

Welcome to my latest addition to my posts, in this one I am going to show a natural cure for a migraine. In fact I will be showing many preventative measures as well as the causes of migraines.

natural cure for a migraine

 Causes Of  a Migraine

If you are familiar with my posts you know what most of today’s illnesses are caused by the way we live and the food we eat as well as environmental we inhabit. In my opinion a huge proportion of migraine suffers today are affected because of these factors.

The symptoms of migraines can be throbbing pain which is triggered by light or sounds causing nausea and sickness. Other triggers can be too much coffee or alcoholic beverages as well as preservatives in our food and drink.

natural cure for a migraine


Food what is coloured un-naturally will also trigger certain people to suffer a migraine, refined sugar. Pharmaceutical drugs can also be a cause as well as dehydration and a lack of vitamin B and D.


Our modern view of medicine is not what it was hundreds of years ago, you may say thank goodness it isn’t which is true when it comes to certain aspects of modern medicine. However we seem to concentrate on easing the symptoms instead of curing the problem in the first place.

natural cure for a migraine

 Modern Medicine Is Lacking

This is partly due to the fact that more profit are to be made by treating the symptoms instead of tackling the cause. This may be me being cynical but it seems strange that one ordinary man like me can find these hidden cures on the internet and by doing other research but a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company cannot.

natural cure for a migraine

 Stopping Migraines

Anyway let’s get back on the subject of stopping migraines in the first place by using a natural cure for a migraine. A good way to prevent these attacks and help in many other health benefits is having an optimal PH level.


We need to be in an alkaline state and not an acidic state which not only makes migraines easier to form but is also the idea breading conditions for cancers to form (see my other post here for more details).

natural cure for a migraine

 Raise PH Levels


To do this I have found using sodium bicarbonate does an excellent job of raising the PH level to the optimum level (around 7.6-8.0) All I do is put a table spoon of this in a glass of warm water and drink it twice a day.

natural cure for a migraine

 Use Aromatherapy 

Another surprising method of decreasing attacks is to use aromatherapy which involves breathing in oils what have been heated. Some of the best ones to use are listed below.


1) Pepper mint

2) Basil

3) Rosemary

4) Eucalyptus

5) Sandalwood


As I said earlier the food we eat and what we drink plays a huge part in aggravating this condition. You should be aiming to cut out all processed foods as well as non-organic vegetables as today’s pesticides all contribute to ill health and “Dis-ease”

natural cure for a migraine

 Eat Healthy

Cut out caffeine as much as possible and moderate alcohol consumption as well, also please be aware of what is in today’s tap water as this will not help with your condition as it contains fluoride which is a toxic substance. So please drink pure fresh bottled water what has come from a proven natural source.

spring water

 Drink Pure Water

Another deficiency we seem to suffer from in the West is magnesium which is crucial for good health and to stop migraines starting in the first place. I recommend a good capsule supplement for these.

natural cure for a migraine

Herbs Are a Excellent  Cure

Herbs are another excellent addition to the diet and to cut out these throbbing migraines. Below is a list of the best herbs that act as a natural cure for a migraine.


1) Fever-few – this is a good preventative method as it stop blood vessels dilating in the first place.


2) Butter-bur – this is another excellent method of stopping migraines in their tracks, it is also a good anti-inflammatory which is good for over health as well.


The last method of treating this condition when you are in the middle of an attack is to use technique to promote circulation which will help rid the body of toxins and well as bringing nutrients to the organs.

 Use Hot & Cold Technique 

hot cold shower

This involves standing in a cold shower for two minutes if you can stand it, then immediately having the hottest shower you can manage for two minutes. Keep repeating this for 15 minutes approx. You will find that this really does have beneficial effects.


Well that is nearly it for this post on a natural cure for migraines. Hope you found it helpful, if you did please feel free to sign up for my free newsletter using the top menu on this page. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Alan


Natural Cures For Depression

Natural  Cures For Depression

Welcome to my website which deals in alternative cures. I will be showing  you details of natural cures for depression. All of these ingredients are organic and preservative free.

 natural cures for depression

 Different Types Of Depression

This condition can be very dilapidating and  can range from mild to moderate to severe and none responsive. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription drugs and the side effects they can give I will show you what you can need to alleviate the depression you are suffering from.

 The Causes Of Of This Condition

Let’s firstly look at the problems what can cause these dark episodes, these range from stress caused by financial worry or marriage break up to a death of a loved one. Also it can be caused by being overweight and having low self-esteem as a result.

 natural cures for depression


Being unemployed can also trigger anxiety which leads down the same path and leads to depression. Also we have the physical depression which is NOT caused by the above factors. This condition is caused by a chemical lacking in the brain which stops the natural process of being happy and content.

 Pharmaceuticals Are Not Always The Cure

This type of depression is the hardest to treat by Pharmaceutical and this is where alternative ancient methods work best such as acupuncture and meditation which can connect the body, mind and soul in way modern drugs cannot even fathom. In fact the FDA actually warn now that Prozac can cause people to commit suicide.

 natural cures for depression

 Cure The Cause Not The Symptom

Let me go into this further, if you are looking at alternative methods of healing you are probably doubt open minded enough to realise that modern medicine does not have all the cures as they nearly always treat the symptom not the cure.


When we suffer from depression our natural energies are not aligned properly and this can be caused by a whole host of problems what I will cover later. These causes make the body in a state of “Dis-ease” hence the term disease.

 natural cures for depression

 Align The Bodies Energies

This is the same for depression as the mental state is not in tune with the physical and spiritual sides of us that make the whole. When you are feeling hopeless and down and don’t want to talk to anyone or even go out of your room. These are the symptoms of this off balance of the mind, body and spirit.

 natural cures for depression

 Meditation Starts The Process

So one of the most important practices you should try to start this process is meditation and learning how to breath properly using the diaphragm. This will lead to the connection between the mind body and spirit and this will start the healing process.


You will need to also help this process by eating the right type of foods as modern process foods has toxins and preservatives that interfere with the bodies normal way of operating and this can and does cause “dis-ease”

 natural cures for depression

 Eat Healthy & Be Well

So eat fresh food like vegetables and fruit and cut out refined sugars and processed ready meals. Fizzy sugary drinks should be avoided as well and diet products as these contain bacteria faeces that is used to sweeten these products.

  Exercise Is Vital

Also exercise is a vital part of a recovery from any type of depression as it release’s natural feel good chemicals called endorphins that last for hours after you have exercised. Also exercise is a excellent natural cure for depression and helps you improve your overall appearance which will help you feel good about yourself.

 natural cures for depression

 Natural Feel Good Factor

Exercise will also help you sleep and as you will know you will either fall into two categories you will either sleep all the time or stay awake all night just staring at the ceiling.

 Start To Sleep Well

If you are unemployed or off work because of the depression you suffer you will also need to structure your day. If you don’t you will just wake and start to get down because you have no idea what to do.

 natural cures for depression

If you start an exercise and meditation routine this can be a structure you could work round to plan each day. Also make a note of the small goals you want to reach each day or each week. These could be fitness goals or days when you don’t feel as depressed.

 Set Small Goals 

 natural cures for depression

These goals will help you as you can look back and see how you are progressing to being fully well again. Also another way you will need to change is to realise thoughts turn into reality.


What I mean by this is when negative thoughts enter your mind you need to stop that process and mentally put a red circle round that thought and throw it away into outer space. This may sound strange but it does work.

 natural cures for depression

 Learn To Stop Negative Thoughts

Once you have thrown that thought away you need to replace it with a happy one and embrace that instead of letting negative energies interfere with your well being.

 Supplements That Help

 natural cures for depression

As well as all these methods you can take supplements that will help with the recovery process and in fact are good to use for the rest of your life. Below is a list of the supplements I would recommend.


1) Saint John’s Wort which has been used for thousands of years as an anti-depressant.

st johns wort


2) Herbal supplements (consult your doctor first if you are on any  medication) These herbs what I recommend are 5-HTP or SAMe (s-adenoslymethoinine) This raise serotonin levels


5 htp


3) Omega – 3 fatty acids, can be found in oily fish or in a capsule form.



4) Folic acid supplement

folic acid


5) Saffron (crocus sativus plant)


Light Therapy

 natural cures for depression


Just before I go I just wanted to address SAD (seasonal affective disorder). If you suffer from this type of depression that is brought on by the winter months and lack of light you may want to try light therapy.


This therapy tricks the brain into thinking it is summer all year round and will help to alleviate the problem.


Well that all from me today on my natural cures for depression. I hope this has helped you if you are a sufferer. Please feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question below and I will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading. Alan

Home Remedy For Constipation, Get It Now

 Home Remedy For Constipation

In this post I will be talking about a home remedy for constipation, this condition can be very painful and uncomfortable but it can be avoided by utilising these methods.
Home Remedy For Constipation

What Is a Normal & What Is Constipation


I would like to clear up a point here though as many people confuse how often we should have bowel movements in a week. Some people can go 4 times a day as a normal for them while others may only go twice per week. Either one of these can be normal as we all differ, the point is if you are not feeling bloated or uncomfortable don’t worry because you are not constipated.


Now let’s look at the causes of constipation and see how we can avoid it before it starts to manifest itself. Below is a list of common causes.

Home Remedy For Constipation

 Causes Of Constipation

1) Stress – To deal with stress I would recommend meditation or Yoga as they are very good at eliminating the symptoms of stress and leading to an overall better attitude towards life’s ups and downs.


2) Irregular eating patterns – In this busy day and age it can be easy to skip meals then over indulge later on in the day or evening. The body needs a regular supply of good nutritional food which is rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables to keep you regular.

 No Exercise

Home Remedy For Constipation

3) Lack of exercise – Exercise is an important part of regular bowel movements and it is recommended if possible to walk 3 km after your main meal of the day as this will promote regular movements of the bowels as well as many other benefits.


4) Sweeteners that are artificial – Avoid like the plague artificial sweeteners as they are no good for us at all, did you know that these sweeteners are actually the excrement from bacteria which is artificially grown and cultivated to add to our diet as a low sugar sweetener.

Home Remedy For Constipation

5) To much tea or coffee – Excessive amounts of these can cause constipation however a cup of coffee a day can actually help with this condition.

 Not Enough Fibre

6) Lack of fibre – This is one of the largest causes of constipation in modern society today, the reason why fibre is so crucial to bowel movements is because the undigested parts of the fibre are what gather and expand the colon and push matter out naturally. A lack in fibre causes the opposite effect.

Home Remedy For Constipation

7) Excessive alcohol – Over doing on the celebrations can cause a flare up as well as many other bad side effects, so please moderate alcohol consumption.


8) Prescription drugs – These can cause constipation as a side effect to the pharmaceutical drug you are taking. Please consult your doctor and ask if these drugs are the cause.


Those are the main causes of constipation and each can be addressed and regulated to cut down out the causes of this condition.

Home Remedy For Constipation

 No Laxatives 

Before I go any further I would like to warn against taking laxative pills as these are additive and will have adverse side effects. So please avoid these, if however you do feel the need desperately please use fibre based Psyllium.


Now let’s get to the home remedies for constipation, these vary from foods to herbs we can drink in water before bed. Below is a list of what we should do to avoid this uncomfortable condition.

Constipation Home Remedy


1) Eat fibre – You should consume between 20-35 grams of this daily with a good helping for your breakfast in the form of a cereal. Fibre can be found in whole grains such as bread and starchy vegetables.

Home Remedy For Constipation

2) Barley – This is excellent for treating this condition and should be used as a regular supplement to the diet to keep it at bay.


3) Natural fibre supplements – Hellenia Psyllium is an excellent supplement to use when suffering from constipation


4) Water – Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day as this will help you to flush toxins out and keep you regular.

Home Remedy For Constipation

5) Blackstrap Molasses – Take this as it has amazing properties and is derived from sugar cane but it is not refined and is organic. This product has amazing properties and I highly recommend using this daily.


6) Honey and apple cider vinegar – These are used as a mild laxative and can be taken up to three times a day.

Home Remedy For Constipation

7) Beans – A lot of people stay away from beans because of the gas issue but if you and your partner can live with that they are an excellent addition to your diet.


8) Oregon Grape – These can be found in capsule form and are organic and very effective as an addition to a healthy diet promoting natural bowel movements.


9) Sesame seeds – These can be put onto cereals or salads what you have prepared and this is another crucial part of your weekly diet.


These remedies are recommended to be taken just before you go to bed for the night.

Home Remedy For Constipation

 Take Before Bed

10) Glass of water with half a squeezed lemon with table spoon of salt and should be drunk on an empty stomach.


11) Glass of water mixed with Isabgol (ayurvedic herb)


12) Glass of water with half a table spoon of fennel seed powder.

 Stop Constipation Now

These are my recommendations for a home remedy for constipation and should be used as this condition can have serious repercussion such as arthritis, Rheumatism, cataract, high blood pressure and appendicitis. So please take care of yourself. Hope this posting was informative. Thanks Alan


Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate, Here

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

If you have come across this post you may be looking for the statistics on stage 4 breast cancer survival rate. I can tell you that the survival rate can be 100%, if you try an alternative proven method.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Alternative Proven Methods

Before I go into the method that will cure breast cancer I want to explain how cancer is caused because it may be different to the notions you have from medical science what is told today. Cancer is caused by the body being in an acidic environment. This caused by many factors which are mainly due to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead.

 Cancer Grows In a Acidic Environment

Cancerous growths need an acidic environment to propagate and spread, to stop cancer spreading and growing you will need to get your body into a alkaline level which is done by raising the PH levels of the body in the 7.2 – 7.6 range. A cancer growth environment the PH has to be around 5.3.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Understanding Cancer

Once the body is at a healthy PH level range the cancer with not be able to spread and it will start to clear up as the cells die. It is quite a simple process to understand cancer once you get this basic principle.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Cancer Cells Die

Ways to bring down the PH level is by bathing in sodium bicarbonate as well as drinking this bicarbonate in water mixed with syrup as well. You will be able to test your PH levels using PH sticks what you can put in your mouth and take a reading.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Use Sodium Bicarbonate 

As well as this method you will want to detoxify as much as possible by cutting out all processed and refined foods as well as fizzy drinks and anything that has High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in it.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Eat Organic

Sugar should be taken out of the diet as well and all these should be replaced with organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Also drink lots of pure water. If you put these methods together the cancer will retreat.

 Another Cure

Bicarbonate is not only the cure for breast cancer as well as all other cancers. Another way is to use the Bob Beck protocol which has been proven to cure cancer as well as HIV and many other ailments what the pharmaceuticals companies has failed to cure.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Users Micro-currents To Heal

This method of curing cancer works by using micro currents what are attached to colonial silver strips what deliver microscopic particles that are oppositely charged to the pathogens and foreign bodies in the blood stream.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Starts The Healing Process

These charged silver particles attach themselves to the pathogens, viruses and cancerous cells and smoother them causing them to die. The dead cells are then excreted by the body and the person starts the healing process.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 More Information Here

The protocol is in 4 parts and more details can be found on one of my other posts here,  this will explain the miraculous results that Dr Beck has produced not only on himself but cancer and HIV patients.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

 Help Loved Ones Get Cured

So in conclusion if you came to this post looking for advice on stage 4 cancer survival rates because you are someone you love has cancer, please take action on the information on this page and others I have written. Also I urge you to do your own research and not just take my word for it. Hope this helps you and thanks for reading. Regards Alan.


Natural Gout Treatment, Get It Here Now!

 Natural Gout Treatment

In today’s post I want to talk about a natural gout treatment which will show you how to avoid gout in the first place and how to cure it for good. Also I will give you access to natural pain relief methods when you have an attack.

 What Is Gout?

What is gout? You may be asking, well it is a build-up of uric acid which becomes crystallised and deposited in the joints. It is a form of arthritis but the difference being that these crystallised deposits generally end up in the big toe.

 Last Up To 10 Days

This build-up of crystals in the toe will cause severe pain and can last anywhere from three to ten days if left untreated. Attacks can happen months apart and generally will get worse and more often if the underlying problems are not addressed.

Natural Gout Treatment

 High Uric Acid Levels Can Cause

The high uric acid build up can be blamed mostly on sugar and the access build-up of this is called Hyperuricemia, which can lead to a whole host of problems as well as gout such as.


Heart attacks

Raised Cholesterol levels

Raised blood pressure

Diabetic conditions

Kidney failures from disease


In our society today we are exposed to sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS),  which is in a huge amount of products in the supermarket. HFCS is used to make the sell by date longer on these products and is cheaper to use than sugar.

Natural Gout Treatment

 High Fructose Corn Syrup (HTCS) Is Bad

Some of the item HFCS are sugary fizzy soft drinks and fruit juices that are not organic. Also processed meals of all kinds and fast foods all have these in them. Another effect of HFCS is it is addictive once the taste buds have sampled it you will want more.

 In Processed Food

The reason High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is no good for gout is because if inhibits the natural secretion of uric acid. This will build up in the body and form the crystals that give you this condition.

Natural Gout Treatment

 HFCS In Sugary Drinks

HRCS is also known to cause weight gain which is another factor in gout as well as diabetes and a whole host of other problems. A study was conducted on subjects that had two fruit juices that contained fructose with a breakfast and what they find was the body converted calories to fat right through the day until the night time meal. So any juices you drink should be organic with no added flavouring or preservatives.

Natural Gout Treatment

 No Minerals Or Vitamins 

The fructose has no vitamin or mineral value at all; in fact the fructose will take away minerals and vitamins away from the body. The heart is especially vulnerable as the fructose will suck away the magnesium, cooper and chromium away which is essential to a healthy organ.

Healthy Weight 

Another way to help gout is to maintain a healthy weight as being obese will increase the risks of gout because generally the more obese a person is the more sugary the diet is. Also limit the consumption of alcohol as this is another factor in gout appearing.

Natural Gout Treatment

 Gout Was a Rich Man’s Disease

It is no coincidence that gout used to be considered a rich man’s disease as it was caused by an access of alcohol and sugary foods. The poor people of the day could not afford or get access to these types of things unlike modern Western society of today.

Natural Gout Treatment

Drugs Cause Side Effects

Pharmaceutical companies do not have the cure for gout and can only offer pain relief with drugs that can have major side effects which can far out way the dangers of the gout in the first place. That is why natural remedies are the best.

Natural Gout Treatment

 Natural Remedies 

If you need immediate pain relief now I recommend using capsaicin gel which does not have the side effects mentioned above as it is a natural product derived from dried hot peppers. The way it works is by getting rid of a “substance P” out of your body. This substance is what the body uses to transmit pain signal from the areas in the body where the pain is. Thus eliminating this will stop the pain.

Natural Gout Treatment

 Get More Exercise

Another superb way of stopping gout in the first place is by exercising as this increases circulation which helps normalise the uric acid levels in the body. Exercise is a great benefit to your overall health as well as stopping gout in its tracks.

 Cherries Are a Super Food Against Gout

Cherries are an excellent food that should be consumed by everyone especially if you suffer from gout as it contains anthocyanins and bioflavonoids which has properties that help to alleviate gout and arthritis.

Natural Gout Treatment


If you find cherries are not available concentrated cherry juice is good to have as long as it does not have artificial sweeteners or preservatives in it and it is organic. Other remedies you can incorporate into your diet are nutmeg and alfalfa which have both been shown to improve the gout condition.


In conclusion then we should strive for the following to help prevent gout.


1) Healthy weight

2) Low alcohol consumption

3) Cut out processed food especially with HFCS

4) Exercise

5) Eat cherries or concentrated cherry juices

6) Avoid sugary drinks

 Natural Gout Treatment

I hope my short posting will help you gain the knowledge to provide a natural gout treatment that will work for you. As a general rule eat healthier and get some exercise and the quality of the life you lead will dramatically improve. Good Luck, Alan


Natural Cures For Psoriasis,See Them Now

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis you will know the misery it can cause. In this post I am going to provide natural cures for psoriasis which will help you alleviate the symptoms as well as stopping flare ups happening in the first place.

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

 Causes Of Psoriasis

The initial cause of psoriasis is still unknown to science today and this simple fact is enough to convince me that drug companies do not have the best cures for this condition. It is thought that over 30% of sufferers get this condition passed down through the genetic make-up from their parents.

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

 Skin Generation Takes 30 Days

To explain a little more about psoriasis and how it appears on the skin we need to see how our bodies work normally. The normal process for the skin is a complete change of skin cells over a 28-30 day period. This process starts deep down in the skin and is a continuing process.

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

People that suffer from psoriasis this process is in an accelerated to 3-4 days. This leaves dead cells on the skin which is the redness associated with this condition. Now you understand how the process works we need to address the cures for this condition.

 Main Causes Of Psoriasis Flare Ups

The main causes of flare up’s vary but below is a list of what I believe to be causes.

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Stress – This can aggravate existing psoriasis and cause flare ups as well, try relaxing techniques what are used in meditation.


Infections – If you suffer any infection that effect’s the ability of the immune system to work properly can cause flare ups.


Skin been injured – Anything that damages the skin can cause the condition to appear. These include sun burn, vaccinations and cuts or scratches to the skin can all cause a reaction leading to psoriasis.

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Bad diet – This one area has a huge impact on the amount you suffer from this disease. You should aim for a diet that is high in fruit and veg that are coloured like the colours in the rainbow. Meats should be a lean cut and poultry should have its skin removed.


Foods to avoid – No Trans fats what are associated with processed food and fast food, these Trans fats will cause inflammation which will trigger an attack. Also you may be surprised to learn that tomatoes, potatoes and red chillies also aggravate this condition.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Gluten – This should be avoided as it will cause psoriasis to appear, gluten is in pasta, bread, ice cream and a whole host of other products. To follow a gluten free diet you should always read the labels of products as manufacturer’s change ingredients quite often. You should stick to this diet for at least 3 months to see the results.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Alcohol – This should be avoided as much as possible as alcohol will affect the immune system and other negative effects can cause an outbreak.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Refined sugar – This should be cut down to a minimum.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

What follows is a list of methods that should be used to stop psoriasis from appearing in the first place.

 Stop Psoriasis Using These Methods

Try to get your weight down to a healthy level as this will help to improve the overall health and well-being of the body. Also fish should be eaten at least 3 times a week; these fish need to contain omega 3 fatty oils which are very beneficial to stopping out breaks.

 Fresh Fruit & Veg

All colourful fruit and veg that are in the colours of the rainbow as a guide should be consumed daily. These wonderful natural foods are exactly what you need to be consuming to battle this skin condition.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Flax seeds, walnuts, pumpkins seed, carrots and strawberries are excellent to eat as well.


Vitamins and supplements – these are excellent items to add to your diet and will in conjunction with a healthy diet dramatically will dramatically reduce the amount of times you suffer from this horrible disease.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

These are the recommended ones to use.


Vitamin D


Omega 3


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

 Use Herbal Remedies

Natural and herbal remedies – Turmeric, tea tree oil, oat extract, apple cider vinegar, Dead Sea salts, capsaicin and Aloe Vera. Please see order product page under “Psoriasis” to these and others mentioned on here.

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

 Other alternate cures for psoriasis 

Aromatherapy – This method uses smells from flowers that are then burnt which releases the aroma and this is breathed in giving relief in this method.

 Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Bathing in oatmeal can be effective as well; another great source is the sun. Getting mild exposure to the sun while ensuring you do not get burnt will definitely help you psoriasis.

 Try These Techniques For Relief 

Natural Cures For Psoriasis

Other methods include meditation, acupuncture, Yoga, Tai chi, massage and Reiki.

 Use a Whole Life Approach

So as you can see the best way to fight this condition is by using a whole life approach and utilising my natural cures for psoriasis to alleviate the symptoms and lead a happier life. Please leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this post or need a question answering. Thanks Alan


Bob Beck Protocol | Cure Cancer Here Now

Bob Beck Protocol

In This posting I will be talking about the Dr Bob Beck Protocol which is the use of a series of treatments that use low voltage currents to provide a cure for HIV and to provide a natural cure for cancer as well.

Bob Beck Protocol


 Cure For Cancer & HIV & Many More

You may be very sceptical at this point if you have just come across this knowledge for the first time on here. If this is the case please watch the videos on this posting what Dr Bob Beck made a few years ago.


Once you have watched them please continue reading this posting and if you are in need of these treatments desperately please go to my section above named “Order Products” and scroll down to the Dr Bob Beck section where you can get access to devices you need.

 Dr Beck a Renowned Physicist 

Dr Bob Beck was a renowned physicist at this time and had an interest in using micro currents to heal people and after seeing the results from his college’s labs. He set his mind to inventing a device that could be a cure for all.

Bob Beck Protocol

 Tested The Device On Himself

He tested his device once he had made it on himself as well as a HIV sufferer and friends and family. All of them included himself witness huge improvement in their health. Dr Beck’s hair even started to grow back in the areas he had been bald before. Which he found amusing and another effect he noticed was his libido had improved also.


Dr Beck was born in 1944 and sadly passed away in 2008 but what a legacy he left behind him. His protocol what he had created involved a four stage treatment which is listed below.

 Four Stages To The Treatment

Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 1 – Blood electrification


This process uses micro-currents to cleanse the blood of all impurities. Dr Beck discovered these properties while other colleges were doing other related research their laboratories.


 The use of micro currents is applied at the wrist area using colloidal silver strips what the current passes through and enters the blood stream. The colloidal silver particles are extremely small but once they are in the blood stream they are attracted to oppositely charged viruses and pathogens.

Once they attach themselves to the pathogens they smother it and the viruses die. All these viruses and pathogens get excreted by the bodies normal methods of waste disposal.

 Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 2 – Magnetic Pulsing


Dr Beck realised that the first stage would kill most of the unwanted viruses and pathogens but some could be hiding in the lymph glands. So he invented a magnetic pulsing system that would neutralise these unwanted quests once and for all.

Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 3 – Orally consuming Colloidal Silver (Ionic)


This method involves putting 99.9% colloidal silver into water and passing a current through it. This energised the water with the ionic silver which should be drunk regularly.

 Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 4 – Orally consuming ozonised water.


After many people had started using his protocol and lot of these individuals was reporting flu like symptoms. This was a result of the toxins not exiting the body quick enough.


Dr Beck needed to come up with a method to solve this, and the method was drinking newly made ozonised water. He knew that ozone was a fantastic at getting rid of toxins but the cost was very high to do this procedure.


Bob built a water ozoniser and this resolved the problem and patients no longer suffered the flu like symptoms as long as they drank lots of ozonised water.


Here is a link to a pdf document that breaks down exactly the amount of treatments and how often as well guides on drinking ozonised water. If you purchase a Bob Beck Protocol system I recommend saving the pdf as it will be invaluable as a guide on its use. I hope you have enjoyed this posting which has now given you access to a natural cure for cancer as well as a cure for HIV.