Bladder Cancer Survival Rate, Seen It Now

Bladder Cancer Survival Rate


The bladder cancer survival rate varies depending on the area and stage the bladder cancer is at. Generally speaking the earlier you catch the disease the better the chances of survival are.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

Modern Medicine Says Rates From 96%-5.5%

The range in survival rates varies from 96% to as low as 5.5% but at this point I have to tell you that these survival rates are solely based on conventional methods and do not take into account other alternative cancer treatments.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

 Survival Rates Based On Modern Medicine Only


* If the cancer is in situ (It has not spread) 96% survival rate

* If the cancer is localized to the general area 70% survival rate

* If the cancer has spread to a regional area 34% survival rate

* If the cancer is metastatic 5.5% survival rate

100% With This Alternative Cure 

Like I said above these are based solely on what modern medicine offers. I can tell you know that bladder cancer is 100% survivable with the method I shall teach you about shortly.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

 Dr Bob Beck Protocol

Let me tell you about the amazing gift that Dr Bob Beck left the world when he died a few years ago. This cure for all cancers is called after him the Bob Beck Protocol.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

This method of curing cancer involves using micro wattages attached to silver rods that attach to the wrist. These rods put oppositely charged micro particles into the blood stream that attack pathogens.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

 Kills Off Cancer For Good

The charged particles smother the bad microbes in the body and kill them off. Also this treatment has none of the toxic side effects of radiation or chemotherapy. It does not involve any surgery either.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

This can be done in your own home by yourself if you wish. Please read this testimonial here from someone that had this treatment for bladder cancer.

Video that was made by Dr Bob Beck about his invention.

More testimonials on the Bob Beck Protocol and how it saved people from dying of cancer. Read them here

Treatment Been Around For 30 Years

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

This treatment has been around for over 30 years but the knowledge is suppressed because it challenges the methods of the pharmaceutical companies who make billions of dollars a year out of treatments for cancer what hardly ever give a cure for life.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

Take a Look At The Device Below 

The picture below is of the deluxe unit that can be used to cure cancer and other ailments as well. Press on the image for more information.

 Bladder Cancer Survival Rate

Now you know that bladder cancer survival rates can be 100% you no longer need to be living in fear from this disease. Please do your own research as well and don’t just take my word for it. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks Alan




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