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Bob Beck Protocol

In This posting I will be talking about the Dr Bob Beck Protocol which is the use of a series of treatments that use low voltage currents to provide a cure for HIV and to provide a natural cure for cancer as well.

Bob Beck Protocol


 Cure For Cancer & HIV & Many More

You may be very sceptical at this point if you have just come across this knowledge for the first time on here. If this is the case please watch the videos on this posting what Dr Bob Beck made a few years ago.


Once you have watched them please continue reading this posting and if you are in need of these treatments desperately please go to my section above named “Order Products” and scroll down to the Dr Bob Beck section where you can get access to devices you need.

 Dr Beck a Renowned Physicist 

Dr Bob Beck was a renowned physicist at this time and had an interest in using micro currents to heal people and after seeing the results from his college’s labs. He set his mind to inventing a device that could be a cure for all.

Bob Beck Protocol

 Tested The Device On Himself

He tested his device once he had made it on himself as well as a HIV sufferer and friends and family. All of them included himself witness huge improvement in their health. Dr Beck’s hair even started to grow back in the areas he had been bald before. Which he found amusing and another effect he noticed was his libido had improved also.


Dr Beck was born in 1944 and sadly passed away in 2008 but what a legacy he left behind him. His protocol what he had created involved a four stage treatment which is listed below.

 Four Stages To The Treatment

Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 1 – Blood electrification


This process uses micro-currents to cleanse the blood of all impurities. Dr Beck discovered these properties while other colleges were doing other related research their laboratories.


 The use of micro currents is applied at the wrist area using colloidal silver strips what the current passes through and enters the blood stream. The colloidal silver particles are extremely small but once they are in the blood stream they are attracted to oppositely charged viruses and pathogens.

Once they attach themselves to the pathogens they smother it and the viruses die. All these viruses and pathogens get excreted by the bodies normal methods of waste disposal.

 Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 2 – Magnetic Pulsing


Dr Beck realised that the first stage would kill most of the unwanted viruses and pathogens but some could be hiding in the lymph glands. So he invented a magnetic pulsing system that would neutralise these unwanted quests once and for all.

Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 3 – Orally consuming Colloidal Silver (Ionic)


This method involves putting 99.9% colloidal silver into water and passing a current through it. This energised the water with the ionic silver which should be drunk regularly.

 Bob Beck Protocol

Stage 4 – Orally consuming ozonised water.


After many people had started using his protocol and lot of these individuals was reporting flu like symptoms. This was a result of the toxins not exiting the body quick enough.


Dr Beck needed to come up with a method to solve this, and the method was drinking newly made ozonised water. He knew that ozone was a fantastic at getting rid of toxins but the cost was very high to do this procedure.


Bob built a water ozoniser and this resolved the problem and patients no longer suffered the flu like symptoms as long as they drank lots of ozonised water.


Here is a link to a pdf document that breaks down exactly the amount of treatments and how often as well guides on drinking ozonised water. If you purchase a Bob Beck Protocol system I recommend saving the pdf as it will be invaluable as a guide on its use. I hope you have enjoyed this posting which has now given you access to a natural cure for cancer as well as a cure for HIV.

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  1. Fascinating information that you are sharing here, I have actually come across this information before. Just have not really put it all together! Probably not surprising that this information is not readily available to the general public. All the best with your site.

    1. Hi David

      Thank you for the nice comment, glad you appreciate the content I created. I am passionate about getting this information out there and stop people dying unnecessary. Please come back as I am adding content regularly on different cures for different illnesses.

      Thanks Alan

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