Dementia Treatment, See My Treatments Here

Dementia Treatment

Are you looking for a dementia treatment ? Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s? My own mum suffers from this condition so I decided to find something that would help her.

Dementia Treatment

 I Started Re-seaching

I started my research online and soon started to come across stories of people either being cured or helped. I then went on YouTube and searched for cures for dementia and Alzheimer’s as well. What I discovered was coconut oil seemed to cure some people and help others reduce the effects from these conditions. dementia treatment

 Coconut Oil Cured?

At this point I wanted to learn exactly how these conditions come about and try to understand how coconut oil helps to relieve them. What I found was coconut oil helps to higher Ketones levels in the brain. Ketones are vital for proper brain functions and this is one of the most important factors in combating dementia and Alzheimer’s.   Another startling fact what I discovered was the link between people taking a statin to lower cholesterol levels and the amount of these people develops dementia and Alzheimer’s. The reason for this according to a study in the US in 2011 that realised that 25% of the cholesterol in the body is located in the brain.

dementia treatment

 Statin Drugs = Dementia?

As the brain is only 2% of the mass of the body it would appear the cholesterol is very important to proper brain functions. So by taking a statin drug you are interfering with normal brain function. In the US 25% of the population over forty five years old take a statin. With these figures it is not a surprise that dementia and Alzheimer’s are becoming so wide spread. dementia treatment

 Lower Cholesterol Naturally

With this knowledge it would certainly appear wise to eat healthy to stop cholesterol levels rising above normal levels so you will not be offered statin drugs to take. Once again in my opinion it looks like pharmaceutical profits are being put before our healths.   Another discovery I made while I was looking for a dementia treatment was Cinnamon which has two crucial parts in it called epicatechin and cinnamaldehyde. It appears Cinnamon is an excellent preventative measure against dementia and Alzheimer’s. dementia treatment

 Cinnamon Prevents Alzhiemer’s & Dementia

The reason Cinnamon can help prevent these conditions is because in the body we have a protein called Tau. This protein is crucial for healthy neuron activity in the brain, however tau can accumulate and when this happens these forms what are called neurofibrillary tangles. These are what are seen in the brains of dementia and Alzheimer’s suffers. dementia treatment Cinnamon prohibits this process and keeps the neurons healthy and keeps tau protein as it should be. On the basis of this knowledge I have discovered I would recommend using coconut oil as a dementia treatment, as well as a treating Alzheimer’s.

 Healthy Diet

If on the other hand you are not suffering from these conditions I would highly recommend a healthy diet to stop cholesterol from rising. Doing this will stop the need for you to take a statin drug which can increase the chances of you getting these conditions. dementia treatment Also I recommend taking cinnamon and making it a part of your weekly routine so it will help to keep tau proteins in a healthy state. dementia treatment

 I Treated My Mum

After I educated myself I decided to see if this coconut oil would help my mother with her Alzheimer’s. I started giving her two doses of warm water mixed with a table spoon of coconut oil per day. After around two weeks of this I did notice improvements in her. For instance she was no longer looking for my Dad who died last year. Also she was able to hold onto her train of thought better when having a conversation. dementia treatment

 She Improved & Didn’t Get Worse

She is not cured by any stretch of the imagination but she has defiantly improved and more importantly she is not getting any worse now. This not only a blessing for her but also my brother who looks after her 24 hours a day “bless him” dementia treatment

 Use Coconut Oil Everyday

In conclusion then as a dementia treatment and an Alzheimer’s treatment I would highly recommend trying coconut oil and see what happens. You have nothing to lose, plus coconut oil has many other proven advantages. Well that’s it for this short posting hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me a comment below if you did or if you have any questions on any of my posts. Regards Alan

2 thoughts on “Dementia Treatment, See My Treatments Here”

  1. This is wonderful, Alan! We hear about those who suffer with dementia so often, and it sounds like there is no hope. It’s nice to learn that there is. I firmly believe that there is healing in herbs and the foods that we eat. This post echoes my belief. Best wishes to your Mom, your brother, and to you.

    1. Hi Meghan

      Thank you so much for those kind words, it makes it worth while writing when I get a positive response like yours. Thanks Alan

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