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Home Remedies Colon Cancer

Welcome to my latest post and the subject of this one is home remedies colon cancer. This condition is easily treated in the early stages but this cancer is much more difficult in later stages. The way to prevent the onset of this type of cancer is listed below as well as home remedies for colon cancer.
home remedies colon cancer


 If you are a regular reader of my post you will know that my Dad died of cancer last year and since then I have made it my life’s mission to get natural cures for cancer out to the public domain. Unfortunately for my Dad I did not have this knowledge then, so I want to stop the needless loses to cancer that so many of us suffer from.

home remedies colon cancer

 Cures Exist For All Cancers

Natural cures exist for every cancer that exists it is just the knowledge has been suppressed for reasons of profit by the pharmaceutical companies. However the news is spreading across the internet as more people are getting the message out to you all.


Colon cancer or if you prefer the medical name (Colorectal Cancer) is a growth called poylyps that are situated in the intestinal tract. Symptoms of this type of cancer are irregular bowel movement, unusual weight loss, comfortableness in the general area and bleeding from the rectal passage.

home remedies colon cancer

 Improve Diet

This type of cancer like many more can be prevented simply by having a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables and fibre as well as low in acidic foods and refined sugars. Also you should avoid processed food that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) this can be found in a huge range of supermarket foods as it’s a cheap preservative and sweetener.

 Ear Fresh Foods

HFCS is also linked to most of the ailments I cover in this website so please take my advice educate yourself and stop in taking food with HFCS in them. Always go for fresh food and learn organic white meat and cut down drastically on red meat.

home remedies colon cancer

 Natural Cures

If you are unfortunate enough to be reading this and suffering from colon cancer these following remedies can cure you especially if you are in the early stages. If you are in the more advanced stages please keep reading as I have the cure for that too as well as any other forms of cancer.


My first recommendation – is Turmeric which has a property in it called Curcumin. This is a spice from the Indian continent and is a powerful remedy for colon cancer.

home remedies colon cancer

Application – To use Turmeric you will need approx. a tea’s spoon worth in a glass of water. You then need to boil this and then use the extract what’s left after straining and consume this 2-4 times a day for 6 months.

 Apple Cider Vinegar

My second recommendation – is Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Honey and Aloe Vera. This can be used daily for the rest of your life as a cure for early stages of colon cancer and then as a preventative measure.

 home remedies colon cancer

Application – 2 cap fills of Apple Cider Vinegar with a tablespoon of honey and Aloe Vera mixed together and drank.

 Advanced Cancer Cures

If the condition is in the later stages of colorectal cancer (colon cancer), or any other cancers these two next remedies will work. I have covered these on two of my other post’s Alternative Cancer Cures and Breast Cancer Cures and Dr Bob Beck Protocol

home remedies colon cancer

Electric Pulsars To Cure Cancer

These methods involve a Dr Bob Beck Protocol who patented a method of killing all pathogens and bad bacteria by using low electric pulsars, Please visit my pages above for more details. The other method uses Sodium Bicarbonate by an Italian Doctor called Dr Tullio Simoncini.

home remedies colon cancer

 Sodium Bicarbonate Cure

The way the sodium bicarbonate works is by raising the blood PH levels from acidic into alkaline. The reason this method is successful at treating cancers is because cancerous growth need an acidic environment to be created and multiply in. So by making the body into a Alkaline state the cancers will die of and if you change the way you live by eating as advised earlier you will be in a natural state where cancers do nor grow no more.

home remedies colon cancer

 How It Works

If you think about this logically instead of the propaganda the drugs companies putt out to us all every day. It’s is simple the reason cancer has gone up so drastically (Percentage of Population) in the past 100 years is our diet. We consume huge amounts of toxins from GMO foods as well as all the refined sugars and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

 An Easy & Cheap Cure

All of these factors have made our bodies more acidic and a breeding ground for all types of cancers as well as many other ailments in this modern day and age. Also lack of exercise and pollution are other factors that do not help.

home remedies colon cancer

 Bath In It

So back to Sodium Bicarbonate and its ways to treat you, the best way to increase PH levels is to put a table spoon of this in a glass of warm water and mix well and take twice a day. Also if you have skin cancer you can apply directly to the skin. In fact the quickest method for raising PH levels is bathing in a hot bath for as long as you can with 100g of sodium bicarbonate mixed in. Do this treatment daily and for as long as you can.

 More Cancer Cures That Work

These methods really do work so if you are suffering from cancer please try them as they are extremely cheap as well. If you would like to use the Dr Bob Beck Protocol instead or as well I would highly recommend it as it has many other benefits beyond curing cancer.

 Cures More Than Just Cancer

home remedies colon cancer

The equipment is more expensive than just using sodium bicarbonate ($400) but once you have bought it you will not need anything else and everyone in your family can take advantage of this wonderful invention. Take a look here for more info on one of my other posts.


So in conclusion if you were looking for home remedies for colon cancer, you now have them and more thanks to the wonderful ground breaking doctors mentioned above. I hope you have enjoyed this posting, if you have please leave me a comment below or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading, regards Alan


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