Home Remedy For Constipation, Get It Now

 Home Remedy For Constipation

In this post I will be talking about a home remedy for constipation, this condition can be very painful and uncomfortable but it can be avoided by utilising these methods.
Home Remedy For Constipation

What Is a Normal & What Is Constipation


I would like to clear up a point here though as many people confuse how often we should have bowel movements in a week. Some people can go 4 times a day as a normal for them while others may only go twice per week. Either one of these can be normal as we all differ, the point is if you are not feeling bloated or uncomfortable don’t worry because you are not constipated.


Now let’s look at the causes of constipation and see how we can avoid it before it starts to manifest itself. Below is a list of common causes.

Home Remedy For Constipation

 Causes Of Constipation

1) Stress – To deal with stress I would recommend meditation or Yoga as they are very good at eliminating the symptoms of stress and leading to an overall better attitude towards life’s ups and downs.


2) Irregular eating patterns – In this busy day and age it can be easy to skip meals then over indulge later on in the day or evening. The body needs a regular supply of good nutritional food which is rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables to keep you regular.

 No Exercise

Home Remedy For Constipation

3) Lack of exercise – Exercise is an important part of regular bowel movements and it is recommended if possible to walk 3 km after your main meal of the day as this will promote regular movements of the bowels as well as many other benefits.


4) Sweeteners that are artificial – Avoid like the plague artificial sweeteners as they are no good for us at all, did you know that these sweeteners are actually the excrement from bacteria which is artificially grown and cultivated to add to our diet as a low sugar sweetener.

Home Remedy For Constipation

5) To much tea or coffee – Excessive amounts of these can cause constipation however a cup of coffee a day can actually help with this condition.

 Not Enough Fibre

6) Lack of fibre – This is one of the largest causes of constipation in modern society today, the reason why fibre is so crucial to bowel movements is because the undigested parts of the fibre are what gather and expand the colon and push matter out naturally. A lack in fibre causes the opposite effect.

Home Remedy For Constipation

7) Excessive alcohol – Over doing on the celebrations can cause a flare up as well as many other bad side effects, so please moderate alcohol consumption.


8) Prescription drugs – These can cause constipation as a side effect to the pharmaceutical drug you are taking. Please consult your doctor and ask if these drugs are the cause.


Those are the main causes of constipation and each can be addressed and regulated to cut down out the causes of this condition.

Home Remedy For Constipation

 No Laxatives 

Before I go any further I would like to warn against taking laxative pills as these are additive and will have adverse side effects. So please avoid these, if however you do feel the need desperately please use fibre based Psyllium.


Now let’s get to the home remedies for constipation, these vary from foods to herbs we can drink in water before bed. Below is a list of what we should do to avoid this uncomfortable condition.

Constipation Home Remedy


1) Eat fibre – You should consume between 20-35 grams of this daily with a good helping for your breakfast in the form of a cereal. Fibre can be found in whole grains such as bread and starchy vegetables.

Home Remedy For Constipation

2) Barley – This is excellent for treating this condition and should be used as a regular supplement to the diet to keep it at bay.


3) Natural fibre supplements – Hellenia Psyllium is an excellent supplement to use when suffering from constipation


4) Water – Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day as this will help you to flush toxins out and keep you regular.

Home Remedy For Constipation

5) Blackstrap Molasses – Take this as it has amazing properties and is derived from sugar cane but it is not refined and is organic. This product has amazing properties and I highly recommend using this daily.


6) Honey and apple cider vinegar – These are used as a mild laxative and can be taken up to three times a day.

Home Remedy For Constipation

7) Beans – A lot of people stay away from beans because of the gas issue but if you and your partner can live with that they are an excellent addition to your diet.


8) Oregon Grape – These can be found in capsule form and are organic and very effective as an addition to a healthy diet promoting natural bowel movements.


9) Sesame seeds – These can be put onto cereals or salads what you have prepared and this is another crucial part of your weekly diet.


These remedies are recommended to be taken just before you go to bed for the night.

Home Remedy For Constipation

 Take Before Bed

10) Glass of water with half a squeezed lemon with table spoon of salt and should be drunk on an empty stomach.


11) Glass of water mixed with Isabgol (ayurvedic herb)


12) Glass of water with half a table spoon of fennel seed powder.

 Stop Constipation Now

These are my recommendations for a home remedy for constipation and should be used as this condition can have serious repercussion such as arthritis, Rheumatism, cataract, high blood pressure and appendicitis. So please take care of yourself. Hope this posting was informative. Thanks Alan


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