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Leukemia Survival Rate


Leukemia is a devastating illness especially when it is one of your own children that is suffering. The Leukemia survival rate has gone up over the past few year. But before we give the actual rate we need to explain what these percentages mean.

leukemia survival rate

Survival Rates Have Risen

The survival rates are for children that have survived more than 5 years after first being diagnosed. Children can live longer with leukemia than 5 years and still not be cured.

However the survival rate is around 80% on this basis, if your child has chronic leukemia the rate is approx. between 60-80%. But before we go any further these leukemia survival rates are based on conventional medical treatments.

leukemia survival rate

Rates based On Conventional Treatments

These treatments are typically Chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, targeted drugs and radiation treatment. Survival rates for children under going alternative treatments can be higher with no side effects that are associated with conventional drugs.

leukemia survival rate

Side Effects

Please watch this video below and listen to this ladies story of her experience with these alternative treatments that saved her son.

leukemia survival rates

If you watched that video you can see the difference these treatments made and the disgusting way the Government treated her by forcing her child to carry on with treatments that was hurting him not curing him.

Leukemia Survival Rate

A Cure That Works

In the video she did not go into too much detail what the treatment was that cured her son’s leukemia. What she was referring to was Dr Bob Becks Protocol which he discovered in the 1970’s. He first tested these treatments on himself as well as relatives.

Leukemia Survival Rate

Success Stories

He also had a friend that was dying of Aids and he used the treatment on him and after extensive sessions he was free altogether of the virus. Please see the video below to hear this story.

leukemia survival rate

Methods Used To Cure

What this Bob Beck protocol involves is using colloidal silver attached to a magnetic pulsar. What this does is produces microscopic colloidal particles that go into the blood stream through the wrist area.

leukemia survival rate

No Side Effects

This treatment is painless and has many benefits apart from curing cancer. The colloidal silver in the bloodstream envelops and parasite, pathogen or unwanted bacteria. This process smothers the harmful invaders and kills them.

leukemia survival rate

Repeat Daily Treatments

The body then secretes these dead cells through sweat and natural bodily waste systems. This treatment should be repeated daily accompanied by further steps. These include using the colloidal silver in water to drink and help with this process.

leukemia survival rate

Equipment Needed

Ozonated water should be drunk as well to stop any sickness feelings as the dead parasites are flushed from the system. The systems to treat leukemia and any other cancer can be found on the internet or simply look at my menu at the top of this page and look for Bob Beck Cures.

Watch The Proof Here

This video below is Dr Bob Beck addressing a conference to reveal his findings in the 1970’s please take your time to watch it and see the claims I am making on this website can be backed up by lots and lots of evidence that is all over the internet.

Doctors prescribe chemotherapy because it is all they are taught at medical schools which are paid for by big pharmaceutical companies. This way the drugs companies make trillions of dollars a year by getting doctors to prescribe their so called cures.

leukemia survival rate

Drugs Companies Profits Before Health

I don’t blame doctors because they think they are doing the only treatment out there. But the truth is many cures exist for cancer that has nothing to do with poisoning the body with radiation and drugs.

leukemia survival rate

100% Survival Rate

So if you came to my website to find out the leukemia survival rate, well with these natural cures it can be 100%. Just stay positive and do your own research online on these topics I have mentioned and make an informed decision on the treatment you give your children. Hope you enjoyed this post, please comment on this subject below. Thanks, regards Alan


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