Natural Cure Cancer, cure cancer naturally

Natural Cure Cancer


A natural cure cancer is available now from methods that have been around for hundreds of years and all of these cure cancer naturally.  Some newer methods from Dr Bob Beck Protocol have been here since the 1980’s.

Cure Cancer Naturally

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

These natural cancer cures range from using Sodium Bicarbonate to just using a strict raw vegetable diet or juicing as it is called in these modern days. Other methods include a combination of other factors that bring about a natural cure.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

The Dr Bob Beck protocol involves a pulsing micro wattage device as well as consuming water with colloidal silver in it. This method can be accompanied by the Bill Henderson Protocol which has a nutritional approach that works hand in hand with the Bob Beck Treatment.

 natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

My Three Main Cures

Before we go into any more details of these cures I would like to explain more about how cancer forms in the first place. This is vital for anyone reading this that has not got cancer, the reason why is by just changing your everyday diet you can stop having cancer EVER!!

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Did you know that cancer can only form in a body that has an “Acidic” environment? On the opposite side of this is, have a body in an “Alkaline” state and cancer will never appear. Modern medicine will tell you another story but they only say this to bring fear into the equation.

 Doctor’s Have Got It Wrong

This way you are so fearful of cancer that you feel the “Doctors must be right” mmmm well I can tell you they are not. The biggest reason why doctors feel Chemotherapy is the only way is because this is what they are all taught in the medical schools what are paid for by the Pharmaceutical companies.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

It’s these pharmaceutical companies that make the trillions of dollars a year from the cancer treatments they prescribe. Also if you are doctor who speaks up for the alternative cures to cancer you will be branded a nut and struck off as a doctor. This has happened to many doctors in the past.

 Let Me Tell You The True Cures

So now you know some of the basic truths let’s look at some of the natural cancer cures what are available in more detail.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

I have three cures what in my opinion are the best to cure cancer naturally.


* Sodium Bicarbonate

* Dr Bob Beck Protocol

* Hemp Oil


Sodium Bicarbonate

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally


Firstly we shall talk about sodium bicarbonate, this cure works by simple getting the body from an “Acidic” environment into an “Alkaline” one. The reason for this as said before is cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline state. The way to administer the sodium bicarbonate is to dissolve a teas spoon of it into a warm glass of water and take 4 times a day.

On top of that you should use 100g of sodium bicarbonate in a hot bath and lay in it for as long as you can. All day if you can stand it, do this every day for a couple of weeks and you will see a big difference in the state of your cancer.

 Drink It & Bath In It

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Once you are cured of the cancer you want to keep your body in an alkaline state by cutting out all the junk food and fizzy drinks and eat white meat or no meat at all. Also you need lots of organic fresh fruit and green vegetables. This diet will keep you in a cancer free zone for life.

 natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Dr Bob Beck’s Protocol


Now to my favourite natural cure for cancer, this is the Bob Beck Protocol. This method is an excellent cure for cancer and Aids as well as all other ailments. It really is a wonder of the modern age of natural treatments.

What this method does uses micro wattages attached the silver rods that are attached to the wrist. What this does is send micro colloidal silver into the blood stream. This then attacks oppositely charged pathogens and harmful bacteria. They do this by smothering the pathogens and killing them.

 4 Stage Treatment

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

The second part of the protocol is to use a pulsing device what shakes all the stubborn pathogens out of the glands of the body. This exposes them to the colloidal silver which kills them too.

The third part is drinking ozonated water, this is done to counter act any flu like symptoms what are associate with the exit of so many toxins at once from the body.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

The forth part is to drink water what has had the colloidal silver rods in it. This help to keep you healthy and cancer free. I love this way to cure cancer naturally because the protocol can be followed to the letter. Here is the complete package what can be purchased online with all the instructions and help you will need to cure your cancer

 Hemp Oil

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally


The last natural cancer cure is done by using “Hemp Oil” this is done by getting the oil from the leaves from the cannabis plant. The drawback to this wonderful natural cure is that cannabis is illegal in most places. But if you can get hold of hemp oil that has been got by this method I highly recommend this treatment.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Watch this video below about a guy that is at the head of this claim. Watch all the testimonials from the people as well.

As you can see on the video a small vile of this hemp oil is enough to cure cancer in a three month period. Like I said before the only drawback is the governments of the world ridiculous laws. I might add it this point, do you think once again that a trillion dollar a year business could be put at risk because of one plant. This is the real reason cannabis is illegal.

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

Well that it for this post on “natural cure cancer” hope you enjoyed it and learnt some life changing knowledge that does cure cancer naturally. If you liked this post please leave me a comment below. Thanks Alan

natural cure cancer, cure cancer naturally

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