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Natural Cure For a Migraine 

Welcome to my latest addition to my posts, in this one I am going to show a natural cure for a migraine. In fact I will be showing many preventative measures as well as the causes of migraines.

natural cure for a migraine

 Causes Of  a Migraine

If you are familiar with my posts you know what most of today’s illnesses are caused by the way we live and the food we eat as well as environmental we inhabit. In my opinion a huge proportion of migraine suffers today are affected because of these factors.

The symptoms of migraines can be throbbing pain which is triggered by light or sounds causing nausea and sickness. Other triggers can be too much coffee or alcoholic beverages as well as preservatives in our food and drink.

natural cure for a migraine


Food what is coloured un-naturally will also trigger certain people to suffer a migraine, refined sugar. Pharmaceutical drugs can also be a cause as well as dehydration and a lack of vitamin B and D.


Our modern view of medicine is not what it was hundreds of years ago, you may say thank goodness it isn’t which is true when it comes to certain aspects of modern medicine. However we seem to concentrate on easing the symptoms instead of curing the problem in the first place.

natural cure for a migraine

 Modern Medicine Is Lacking

This is partly due to the fact that more profit are to be made by treating the symptoms instead of tackling the cause. This may be me being cynical but it seems strange that one ordinary man like me can find these hidden cures on the internet and by doing other research but a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company cannot.

natural cure for a migraine

 Stopping Migraines

Anyway let’s get back on the subject of stopping migraines in the first place by using a natural cure for a migraine. A good way to prevent these attacks and help in many other health benefits is having an optimal PH level.


We need to be in an alkaline state and not an acidic state which not only makes migraines easier to form but is also the idea breading conditions for cancers to form (see my other post here for more details).

natural cure for a migraine

 Raise PH Levels


To do this I have found using sodium bicarbonate does an excellent job of raising the PH level to the optimum level (around 7.6-8.0) All I do is put a table spoon of this in a glass of warm water and drink it twice a day.

natural cure for a migraine

 Use Aromatherapy 

Another surprising method of decreasing attacks is to use aromatherapy which involves breathing in oils what have been heated. Some of the best ones to use are listed below.


1) Pepper mint

2) Basil

3) Rosemary

4) Eucalyptus

5) Sandalwood


As I said earlier the food we eat and what we drink plays a huge part in aggravating this condition. You should be aiming to cut out all processed foods as well as non-organic vegetables as today’s pesticides all contribute to ill health and “Dis-ease”

natural cure for a migraine

 Eat Healthy

Cut out caffeine as much as possible and moderate alcohol consumption as well, also please be aware of what is in today’s tap water as this will not help with your condition as it contains fluoride which is a toxic substance. So please drink pure fresh bottled water what has come from a proven natural source.

spring water

 Drink Pure Water

Another deficiency we seem to suffer from in the West is magnesium which is crucial for good health and to stop migraines starting in the first place. I recommend a good capsule supplement for these.

natural cure for a migraine

Herbs Are a Excellent  Cure

Herbs are another excellent addition to the diet and to cut out these throbbing migraines. Below is a list of the best herbs that act as a natural cure for a migraine.


1) Fever-few – this is a good preventative method as it stop blood vessels dilating in the first place.


2) Butter-bur – this is another excellent method of stopping migraines in their tracks, it is also a good anti-inflammatory which is good for over health as well.


The last method of treating this condition when you are in the middle of an attack is to use technique to promote circulation which will help rid the body of toxins and well as bringing nutrients to the organs.

 Use Hot & Cold Technique 

hot cold shower

This involves standing in a cold shower for two minutes if you can stand it, then immediately having the hottest shower you can manage for two minutes. Keep repeating this for 15 minutes approx. You will find that this really does have beneficial effects.


Well that is nearly it for this post on a natural cure for migraines. Hope you found it helpful, if you did please feel free to sign up for my free newsletter using the top menu on this page. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Alan


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