Natural Cures Brain Tumors, Cure You Now

Natural Cures Brain Tumors, Natural Cures Brain Cancer


In This Post I will discuss natural cures brain tumors and what the availability is of these treatments. Some are more costly than others but nothing compared to conventional medical treatment that does not even work anyway.

natural cures brain tumors

Natural Cures For Brain Tumors

Natural cures for brain cancer fall into three sections and all of these do not cause inflammation in the brain like other nutritional ones can cause. But before we go any further though I would like to point out that if you have any swelling on the brain or around the outside of your heads YOU SHOULD seek immediate medical attention.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

The reason being alternative medicine will not act quickly enough to get rid of the swelling. It is this swelling that can cause sudden death by pressing on parts of the brain that deal with your heart.

 Inflammation Needs To Go

Also alternative medicine needs to get rid of the inflammation before it can treat the cancer. The problem is it can take a while for this to take place. If you have no swelling or the doctor has got rid of the inflammation you can now precede with the natural cures for your cancer.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

Before I discus that I want to explain a little bit more about modern medicine and its approach to curing brain cancer. It is a proven fact that Chemotherapy hardly ever cures anyone of cancer. In the case of brain tumors surgeons are lucky to get a 1 in 1000 people to survive brain cancer.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

At best the patient gets an extra month to live but suffers terribly because of the treatment they are on. Off course this treatment cost a fortune as well. Now let’s deal with the alternative cures for brain cancer.

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

First Cure – Cellect-Budwig Protocol +GB-4000 

This involves using electro-medicine which is frequency generators that are placed on the skull and transforms the cancer cells into normal cells. This has the advantage of not causing any inflammation because the cells are returned to the healthy state they were before the brain cancer started.

 natural cures brain tumors

This is the best method to fight the tumor but the price is around $5,000 which may be out of your price range. Here is a detailed article on these frequency generators

 Second Cure – Cellect-Budwig Protocol

The second cure is same as above but without the GB-4000 frequency generator, The Cellect-Budwig Protocol involves difference nutritional approaches that all attack the inflammation of the brain.

Don’t Attempt On Your Own

The method is very precise and should not be attempted on your own as an expert is needed to guide you through this. Thankfully this is available and his name is Mike Vrentas, he can be contacted directly on this email address

Natural Cures Brain Tumors

He will welcome the email and go through it over the phone with you. You can purchase CD’s off him that will help also.

 Third Cure – Bob Beck Protocol + Bill Henderson Protocol

The third cure is one is the Bob Beck Protocol which involves using electric pulsing device that enters the blood stream and attacks the cancerous cell and kills them. This protocol also involves drinking water that has colloidal silver in it that helps with this entire process.

 Natural Cures Brain Tumors

His device has been around now for quite a while and has stood the test of time. You can find more details on this page of how it works. The Bob Beck device can be found here on this website.

As well as this you will need to use Bill Henderson’s Protocol which can be found here in this book

 Cure Yourself Now

Please take your time and go over this material and links provided so you can decide which natural cure brain tumor is the best for you. In my opinion they are all far superior to conventional methods what put simply plainly just don’t workNatural cures for brain cancer are here and have been for a while, so please use them and cure that tumor now.



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