Natural Cures For Depression

Natural  Cures For Depression

Welcome to my website which deals in alternative cures. I will be showing  you details of natural cures for depression. All of these ingredients are organic and preservative free.

 natural cures for depression

 Different Types Of Depression

This condition can be very dilapidating and  can range from mild to moderate to severe and none responsive. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription drugs and the side effects they can give I will show you what you can need to alleviate the depression you are suffering from.

 The Causes Of Of This Condition

Let’s firstly look at the problems what can cause these dark episodes, these range from stress caused by financial worry or marriage break up to a death of a loved one. Also it can be caused by being overweight and having low self-esteem as a result.

 natural cures for depression


Being unemployed can also trigger anxiety which leads down the same path and leads to depression. Also we have the physical depression which is NOT caused by the above factors. This condition is caused by a chemical lacking in the brain which stops the natural process of being happy and content.

 Pharmaceuticals Are Not Always The Cure

This type of depression is the hardest to treat by Pharmaceutical and this is where alternative ancient methods work best such as acupuncture and meditation which can connect the body, mind and soul in way modern drugs cannot even fathom. In fact the FDA actually warn now that Prozac can cause people to commit suicide.

 natural cures for depression

 Cure The Cause Not The Symptom

Let me go into this further, if you are looking at alternative methods of healing you are probably doubt open minded enough to realise that modern medicine does not have all the cures as they nearly always treat the symptom not the cure.


When we suffer from depression our natural energies are not aligned properly and this can be caused by a whole host of problems what I will cover later. These causes make the body in a state of “Dis-ease” hence the term disease.

 natural cures for depression

 Align The Bodies Energies

This is the same for depression as the mental state is not in tune with the physical and spiritual sides of us that make the whole. When you are feeling hopeless and down and don’t want to talk to anyone or even go out of your room. These are the symptoms of this off balance of the mind, body and spirit.

 natural cures for depression

 Meditation Starts The Process

So one of the most important practices you should try to start this process is meditation and learning how to breath properly using the diaphragm. This will lead to the connection between the mind body and spirit and this will start the healing process.


You will need to also help this process by eating the right type of foods as modern process foods has toxins and preservatives that interfere with the bodies normal way of operating and this can and does cause “dis-ease”

 natural cures for depression

 Eat Healthy & Be Well

So eat fresh food like vegetables and fruit and cut out refined sugars and processed ready meals. Fizzy sugary drinks should be avoided as well and diet products as these contain bacteria faeces that is used to sweeten these products.

  Exercise Is Vital

Also exercise is a vital part of a recovery from any type of depression as it release’s natural feel good chemicals called endorphins that last for hours after you have exercised. Also exercise is a excellent natural cure for depression and helps you improve your overall appearance which will help you feel good about yourself.

 natural cures for depression

 Natural Feel Good Factor

Exercise will also help you sleep and as you will know you will either fall into two categories you will either sleep all the time or stay awake all night just staring at the ceiling.

 Start To Sleep Well

If you are unemployed or off work because of the depression you suffer you will also need to structure your day. If you don’t you will just wake and start to get down because you have no idea what to do.

 natural cures for depression

If you start an exercise and meditation routine this can be a structure you could work round to plan each day. Also make a note of the small goals you want to reach each day or each week. These could be fitness goals or days when you don’t feel as depressed.

 Set Small Goals 

 natural cures for depression

These goals will help you as you can look back and see how you are progressing to being fully well again. Also another way you will need to change is to realise thoughts turn into reality.


What I mean by this is when negative thoughts enter your mind you need to stop that process and mentally put a red circle round that thought and throw it away into outer space. This may sound strange but it does work.

 natural cures for depression

 Learn To Stop Negative Thoughts

Once you have thrown that thought away you need to replace it with a happy one and embrace that instead of letting negative energies interfere with your well being.

 Supplements That Help

 natural cures for depression

As well as all these methods you can take supplements that will help with the recovery process and in fact are good to use for the rest of your life. Below is a list of the supplements I would recommend.


1) Saint John’s Wort which has been used for thousands of years as an anti-depressant.

st johns wort


2) Herbal supplements (consult your doctor first if you are on any  medication) These herbs what I recommend are 5-HTP or SAMe (s-adenoslymethoinine) This raise serotonin levels


5 htp


3) Omega – 3 fatty acids, can be found in oily fish or in a capsule form.



4) Folic acid supplement

folic acid


5) Saffron (crocus sativus plant)


Light Therapy

 natural cures for depression


Just before I go I just wanted to address SAD (seasonal affective disorder). If you suffer from this type of depression that is brought on by the winter months and lack of light you may want to try light therapy.


This therapy tricks the brain into thinking it is summer all year round and will help to alleviate the problem.


Well that all from me today on my natural cures for depression. I hope this has helped you if you are a sufferer. Please feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question below and I will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading. Alan

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