Natural Gout Treatment, Get It Here Now!

 Natural Gout Treatment

In today’s post I want to talk about a natural gout treatment which will show you how to avoid gout in the first place and how to cure it for good. Also I will give you access to natural pain relief methods when you have an attack.

 What Is Gout?

What is gout? You may be asking, well it is a build-up of uric acid which becomes crystallised and deposited in the joints. It is a form of arthritis but the difference being that these crystallised deposits generally end up in the big toe.

 Last Up To 10 Days

This build-up of crystals in the toe will cause severe pain and can last anywhere from three to ten days if left untreated. Attacks can happen months apart and generally will get worse and more often if the underlying problems are not addressed.

Natural Gout Treatment

 High Uric Acid Levels Can Cause

The high uric acid build up can be blamed mostly on sugar and the access build-up of this is called Hyperuricemia, which can lead to a whole host of problems as well as gout such as.


Heart attacks

Raised Cholesterol levels

Raised blood pressure

Diabetic conditions

Kidney failures from disease


In our society today we are exposed to sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS),  which is in a huge amount of products in the supermarket. HFCS is used to make the sell by date longer on these products and is cheaper to use than sugar.

Natural Gout Treatment

 High Fructose Corn Syrup (HTCS) Is Bad

Some of the item HFCS are sugary fizzy soft drinks and fruit juices that are not organic. Also processed meals of all kinds and fast foods all have these in them. Another effect of HFCS is it is addictive once the taste buds have sampled it you will want more.

 In Processed Food

The reason High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is no good for gout is because if inhibits the natural secretion of uric acid. This will build up in the body and form the crystals that give you this condition.

Natural Gout Treatment

 HFCS In Sugary Drinks

HRCS is also known to cause weight gain which is another factor in gout as well as diabetes and a whole host of other problems. A study was conducted on subjects that had two fruit juices that contained fructose with a breakfast and what they find was the body converted calories to fat right through the day until the night time meal. So any juices you drink should be organic with no added flavouring or preservatives.

Natural Gout Treatment

 No Minerals Or Vitamins 

The fructose has no vitamin or mineral value at all; in fact the fructose will take away minerals and vitamins away from the body. The heart is especially vulnerable as the fructose will suck away the magnesium, cooper and chromium away which is essential to a healthy organ.

Healthy Weight 

Another way to help gout is to maintain a healthy weight as being obese will increase the risks of gout because generally the more obese a person is the more sugary the diet is. Also limit the consumption of alcohol as this is another factor in gout appearing.

Natural Gout Treatment

 Gout Was a Rich Man’s Disease

It is no coincidence that gout used to be considered a rich man’s disease as it was caused by an access of alcohol and sugary foods. The poor people of the day could not afford or get access to these types of things unlike modern Western society of today.

Natural Gout Treatment

Drugs Cause Side Effects

Pharmaceutical companies do not have the cure for gout and can only offer pain relief with drugs that can have major side effects which can far out way the dangers of the gout in the first place. That is why natural remedies are the best.

Natural Gout Treatment

 Natural Remedies 

If you need immediate pain relief now I recommend using capsaicin gel which does not have the side effects mentioned above as it is a natural product derived from dried hot peppers. The way it works is by getting rid of a “substance P” out of your body. This substance is what the body uses to transmit pain signal from the areas in the body where the pain is. Thus eliminating this will stop the pain.

Natural Gout Treatment

 Get More Exercise

Another superb way of stopping gout in the first place is by exercising as this increases circulation which helps normalise the uric acid levels in the body. Exercise is a great benefit to your overall health as well as stopping gout in its tracks.

 Cherries Are a Super Food Against Gout

Cherries are an excellent food that should be consumed by everyone especially if you suffer from gout as it contains anthocyanins and bioflavonoids which has properties that help to alleviate gout and arthritis.

Natural Gout Treatment


If you find cherries are not available concentrated cherry juice is good to have as long as it does not have artificial sweeteners or preservatives in it and it is organic. Other remedies you can incorporate into your diet are nutmeg and alfalfa which have both been shown to improve the gout condition.


In conclusion then we should strive for the following to help prevent gout.


1) Healthy weight

2) Low alcohol consumption

3) Cut out processed food especially with HFCS

4) Exercise

5) Eat cherries or concentrated cherry juices

6) Avoid sugary drinks

 Natural Gout Treatment

I hope my short posting will help you gain the knowledge to provide a natural gout treatment that will work for you. As a general rule eat healthier and get some exercise and the quality of the life you lead will dramatically improve. Good Luck, Alan


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