Natural Hayfever Remedies, Get Them Now!

Natural Hayfever Remedies

I myself suffer from this allergy and it can be very distressing in the summer months, I will show you how natural hayfever remedies work and how to apply them. Just follow my simple instructions on how to stop the unnecessary suffering from this condition.

natural hayfever remedies

 Causes Of Hayfever 

This Allergy is caused by the presents of pollen from grass and plants, also dust and other pollutants just add to the intensity of an attack. My natural hayfever remedies will alleviate the following symptoms.


1) Runny Nose

2) Itchy eyes

3) Coughing

4) Sore throat

Antihistamines Needed 

natural hayfever remedies

All these are caused by the bodies reaction to pollen, the bodies thinks it is under attack and stimulate the immune system. This pollen causes an inflammatory reaction in the body, the best ways to fight this is by introducing antihistamines to combat this situation.

 My Favourite Cure

I have a whole host of  remedies to cure this condition,  but this method is my favourite. I have tested all of them on myself and had relief from them all, but this method for me works the best.


Firstly you will need to source a local producer of honey, the more local to you the better. The reason for this is that the honey will have small amounts of pollen it mix with the honey naturally.

I am not 100% sure on the mechanics on how this works but it seems to teach the body that this pollen is not a threat to the body. I start taking this twice a day about a week before my normal hayfever season starts (June for me).

natural hayfever remedies

Local Honey & Apple Cider Vineagar

You will also need a good supply of organic apple cider vinegar to mix with the local honey. The best way to do this is by boiling some water in the kettle, while this is boiling get a cup and fill a third of the way with cold water. Then add the hot water and a table spoon of the honey and 2 caps of the apple cider vinegar.

natural hayfever remedies

Take this twice a day and by the end of the week you will be ready for the start of the season when you are effected. Like I said before this really works well for me but you may be different. Listed below are some more natural remedies to help cure your allergies.

 Tea’s That Cure

These different types of teas are all have antihistamines properties, so please test them and see what works best for you.


1) Green tea – This one is one of the most powerful antihistamines.

2) Ginger tea – Mix this with honey and drink 3 times a day.

3) Chamomile tea – Another excellent remedy.

4) Peppermint tea – When you have this one please drink it when it has cooled for best results.

natural hayfever remedies

 Other remedies include the following.


1) Calendula mixed in water – This is a good solution when you are suffering from itchy eyes.

2) Omega-3 acids – I recommend this supplement for a whole host of benefits including not just hayfever. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and will help to alleviate symptoms.

3) Eucalyptus – Boil water and mix this with the eucalyptus and breath in the steam.

4) Indian gooseberries – Make the gooseberries into a pulp then place them in a sieve and extract the juice. Add honey once again and drink two times a day.


All of the methods mentioned in this article do work to relieve hayfever but in my experience it is trial and error to see which methods works for you. I do highly recommend using the method I do first though as this seems to work the best for a lot of people I know.

 Enjoy The Countryside Now

natural hayfever remedies

That’s it for this post hope you are now more aware of natural hayfever remedies, please leave comments below and let me know how you get on with theses cures. Thanks for reading my post, regards Alan

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